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Glovebox is a robust platform built for dealers. We understand that every dealership has different needs and we built Glovebox to empower dealers to represent themselves online the way they want, with a completely customizable and managed website experience. From inventory to website content, total control.


Glovebox - the platform that allows us to deliver dealers the websites they truly want, representing their brand and inventory the way they choose.

Inventory Manager

Real-time control over every vehicle on the site, including merchandising options and smart filters.

Leads Manager

See all your leads, send ADF to your CRM and setup unlimited distribution groups.

Forms Manager

Create custom forms, add them to any page and control how they show up in your analytics.

Page Manager

Create new pages, manage existing pages or choose from a library of templates to get started.

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We Thrive Helping Our Clients Succeed

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Bumper has got it right - the right message to the right people at the right times.

Kristi Alguire
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Maria and the team at Vicimus are one of the best and most reliable vendors that I have ever worked with. The level of customer service that our organization has received has been first class and better than most vendor relationships I have experienced in over 20 years.

Julia Shauf
Optimized and Integrated

A Feature Rich Solution with Best in Class Performance Management

Glovebox is a responsive website solution, but we went one step further and built tools to create optimized solutions for any device, allowing you to perfect your website experience to each situation.

Glovebox Integrates With Any Vendor or OEM
From service booking to digital retailing, Glovebox supports any and all integrations. Whether you need real-time inventory control or live chat added to your website, the platform supports it.

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Our creative team is equipped to deliver quality content and design for all your marketing needs.

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Keep your store connected and profitable with the latest networking gear, security and our in-house support team.

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Give your sales and service departments the boost they need with all-round business development and call centre strategy.

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When you get Bumper, you get a Marketing Manager. A dedicated marketing expert who can help you and your team plan and execute successful campaigns for each department.