Privacy Policy

Effective Date: 09/22/2022

Bumper is committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy (the "Policy") governs how we treat the Personal Information that we collect and receive from you in connection with your use of the SMS Service ("Service"), which we make available to you through a third party service provider. This Policy is incorporated into the Terms of Service.
By using the Service, you agree to the terms of this Policy. Bumper reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify or change this Policy at any time with or without prior notice to you. The date of the last update will be posted at the top of this Policy for your convenience. This Policy, and any changes, are effective as soon as posted. Your continued use of the Service following the posting of any changes to the Policy constitutes your full acceptance of those changes.
Text communication will be through the vendor-provided Short Message Service (SMS) or Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) provided by our third party service provider.

What Personal Information is Collected About You
"Personal Information" is information that individually identifies you, such as your mobile phone number, email address or name, as well as any Personal Information that you choose to include in messages you send through the Service.
Through the use of the Service, Bumper will receive the following information from our third party service provider: your mobile phone number when you send a text message to us, the text of messages that you send to us as well as any comments or feedback regarding the Service that you send to us.

How Bumper Uses Personal Information About You
We use Personal Information to (a) provide you with the Service, (b) process and respond to inquiries, (c) invite you to events (d) if necessary, contact you with announcements or messages, (e) conduct research, and (f) provide reporting for clients and partners.
Each message that you send through the Service is stored on our servers. We retain these messages on our servers. Bumper utilizes servers and services owned by third parties.

Disclosure of Your Information
The Bumper platform is committed to enabling communication with you while protecting your privacy and personal information.
We will not rent or sell your Personal Information to other companies or individuals, unless we have your consent. We may use or disclose such information in any of the following limited circumstances:

Text, SMS/MMS Messaging Conduct
Text communication is permitted for communication to market our products and services to you, including customer service and support, event invitations, service reminders and other relevant information.

Bumper takes precautions to ensure the security of your Personal Information, including ensuring that our third party service providers protect the security of your Personal Information. However, we cannot guarantee that hackers or unauthorized personnel will not gain access to your Personal Information despite our efforts. You should note that in using the Service, your information will travel through third party infrastructures which are not under our control (such as a third party SMS delivery platform or your carrier network).

Bumper takes precautions to authenticate the recipient of texts or SMS/MMS.

Opting In
A mobile user might opt-in by entering a phone number online through their personal webpage.
By opting in to Bumper's third party service, you are consenting and agreeing to engage in text, SMS/MMS communication as indicated in this legal agreement.

Opting Out
Bumper gives you the ability to opt-out of the Service for any reason. You can opt-out by texting STOP.

Questions or Concerns?
If you have any additional questions regarding this Policy, please feel free to contact us any time by texting HELP.