Automated & Customizable Inventory Ads On Demand

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Facebook and Google Ad Campaigns Made Easy!

Run digital marketing campaigns in minutes.

Quick creation and easy execution, that’s Bumper Ads. An integrated tool which allows us to engage thousands of prospects and customers with Facebook and Google Ads. It not only saves time but also helps extend your reach, which means more leads at a lesser cost! You can simply choose from a vast library which includes various automotive campaigns, attach campaign landing pages and track responses in real-time or allow us to handle it for you via our white glove support team.


Bumper Inventory Ads - your efficient solution for automated advertising.
Save time and costs with real-time lead distribution to CRM or BDC reps. Target in-market prospects using custom audience settings and build assets swiftly with the Ads Creator. Connect customized webpages to Facebook campaigns for enhanced conversions. Gain real-time insights through behavioral tracking, ensuring personalized engagement. Your comprehensive tool for automated, targeted and cost-effective advertising.

Conquest through visibility

Run inventory ads across Facebook and the Google Display Network (GDN).

Conquest through ubiquity

Connected Messaging that ensures your customers are getting similar messages across all mediums.

Conquest through intelligence

Our Smart-ad Generator identifies the best ad criteria for the intended audience based on market segmentation.

Conquest through partnership

Our Dedicated Support team is here to handle all the heavy lifting of Ad Creation and Budget Management.

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We Thrive Helping Our Clients Succeed

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Maria and the team at Vicimus are one of the best and most reliable vendors that I have ever worked with. The level of customer service that our organization has received has been first class and better than most vendor relationships I have experienced in over 20 years.

Julia Shauf
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Bumper has got it right - the right message to the right people at the right times.

Kristi Alguire
Bumper Inventory Ads

Enhance your retention efforts and drive conquest leads

Ready to take control of your advertising strategy? Discover the power of Bumper Conquest and revolutionize your dealership’s success. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to drive leads, increase sales, and secure service appointments. Take the leap into the future of advertising today!

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Our creative team is equipped to deliver quality content and design for all your marketing needs.

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Keep your store connected and profitable with the latest networking gear, security and our in-house support team.

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Give your sales and service departments the boost they need with all-round business development and call centre strategy.

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When you get Bumper, you get a Marketing Manager. A dedicated marketing expert who can help you and your team plan and execute successful campaigns for each department.