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Inbound & Outbound BDC Services for Every Dealership

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Capturing the Customer You Can't See. The Right People. The Right Process. Every Time.

There for your customers when you can't be!

Customers want what they want when they want it, and it starts by answering the phone! Our Calls on Demand service was created to cost effectively address the needs of dealerships who want to professionally handle their consumer engagements and drive sales and service traffic to their location. Our COD customer communications center utilizes three locations in North America to create boutique operations that allow our clients to receive personalized attention and the ability to adjust their strategy based on immediate feedback from our Call Specialists and Management Team.


Calls on Demand BDC Services Provide Full Spectrum Inbound & Outbound Call Services for Sales and Service, Customer Conquest & Retention

Data Mining Campaigns

Our team of certified appointment specialists complete the heavy lifting on outbound sales and service marketing campaigns to set appointments and provide incremental opportunities for dealerships.

Sales Campaigns

• In-Equity Campaigns
• Private Offers
• Lease Renewal
• Special Finance Campaigns

Service Campaigns

• Appointment Scheduling Calls
• Service Clinics
• Service Specials
• Lost Service Customers/1st Service Appointment

Backstop Campaigns

We're here to answer the phones when you can't.
Only pay for the calls you would have missed!

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We Thrive Helping Our Clients Succeed

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Maria and the team at Vicimus are one of the best and most reliable vendors that I have ever worked with. The level of customer service that our organization has received has been first class and better than most vendor relationships I have experienced in over 20 years.

Julia Shauf
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Bumper has got it right - the right message to the right people at the right times.

Kristi Alguire
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Highly Trained Professionals Handling your Sales and Service Opportunities

Our Agents are trained daily and weekly to be the best of the best at what they do, setting appointments and making customers feel the warmth of doing business with your dealership! We take pride in providing this invaluable service to our dealer partners and know that we can help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Before you staff up your BDC take a look at what we can do to support you for a fraction of the cost!

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Our creative team is equipped to deliver quality content and design for all your marketing needs.

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Keep your store connected and profitable with the latest networking gear, security and our in-house support team.

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Give your sales and service departments the boost they need with all-round business development and call centre strategy.

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When you get Bumper, you get a Marketing Manager. A dedicated marketing expert who can help you and your team plan and execute successful campaigns for each department.