Increase Revenue, Enhance Customer Experience, and Streamline Finance Operations

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Embrace the Educated Customer

Modern Retailing Finance Experience

Bumper Finance, bridges the gap between handshake and F&I. Empower your customers to customize their vehicle and payment while waiting to enter F&I. With gamification, video learning, and menu selection, we ensure 100% product presentation, breaking language barriers and eliminating pressure sales. Experience faster CSI improvement, increased product penetration, and an average lift of $800 PVR. Transform your dealership and enjoy enhanced revenue, satisfied customers, and streamlined operations.


Meet your educated customers with an experience that allows them to control the deal finalization process transparently and in a non confrontational way.

Upsell through video engagement

Custom tailored dealership branded videos allow the customer to feel in control of the process encouraging them to make more buying decisions.

Upsell through consistency

The 300% rule still applies - if 100% of your customers get presented 100% of your products, 100% of the time, you will sell more product!

Upsell through intelligence

Your customers are more educated than ever. Allow us to show that you respect their research and time invested by meeting them with a process that reflects just that.

Upsell through customization

We have a library to close from already but are here to add, change or edit your offerings on-the-fly, as you need us.

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We Thrive Helping Our Clients Succeed

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Maria and the team at Vicimus are one of the best and most reliable vendors that I have ever worked with. The level of customer service that our organization has received has been first class and better than most vendor relationships I have experienced in over 20 years.

Julia Shauf
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Bumper has got it right - the right message to the right people at the right times.

Kristi Alguire
Finance Process Reinvention

Allow customers to put the "ME" back in Finance Menu

Modern retailing for your finance department is here and changing the game for dealerships that want to provide a totally customer centric approach to F&I without sacrificing profitability.

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Our creative team is equipped to deliver quality content and design for all your marketing needs.

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Keep your store connected and profitable with the latest networking gear, security and our in-house support team.

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Give your sales and service departments the boost they need with all-round business development and call centre strategy.

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When you get Bumper, you get a Marketing Manager. A dedicated marketing expert who can help you and your team plan and execute successful campaigns for each department.