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Vicimus: Accelerating 
the digital transformation
in automotive.

Vicimus is an automotive software company with a boutique approach to customer service, an enterprise approach to software and a global approach to strategy and design. We create solutions that accelerate your business through a deeper understanding of the consumer journey and the tools to meet and engage those consumers along the way.

What We Do

Vicimus: Helping you find, understand and retain the right automotive customers to develop lifetime relationships with them.

Vicimus is about making fundamental changes in how your business is conducted in order to help cope with the various technological and consumer shifts. We provide knowledge and tools to help you better understand and connect with consumers while improving your business operations and ROI.

Our team has a broad range of experience in branding, marketing, operations, and the retail business with a passion for automotive. We share your devotion to the automotive industry and your vision of the sector’s unlimited potential. Whether you are an auto manufacturer, or an independent dealership, or an automotive group, we have the skills, the tools, and the experience to help you succeed in continuously improving your business operations.

Our Glovebox CMS gives you all the controls to properly manage your internet needs with a suite of effective, uncomplicated tools that drive traffic and build consumer trust.

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