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You can’t look like everyone else and standout. Glovebox is the Content Management System (CMS) that puts full control of your website in your hands, where it belongs. Our creative library allows dealers to grab the consumer’s attention with professionally designed pages that can be customized to your unique brand. You’ll never have the same website that your competition uses. Our system is even built to promote your internal operations while generating greater conversions and quality leads.

The Glovebox CMS suite features effective and uncomplicated tools that anyone in your Dealership can use with no technical knowledge. Isn’t it time that you differentiated yourself from the competition?

Some features to help you make a great first impression that leads to a lifelong customer:

  • Get more leads with our improved form builder and customizable templates
  • Advanced Retail operations tools built right in
  • Full dealership control for DIY changes and updates
  • No hidden or added fees
  • You don’t require special technical knowledge, it’s so easy to use
  • No two sites are the same with our customizable creative library
  • Our Drag and drop system makes it easy to build and change all pages
  • The Sales department is important. So is your Used and Fixed Op’s departments. Glovebox is built with everyone in mind
  • Manage all aspects of your vehicles (trim, comments, prices)
  • Assign a Status to vehicles (Featured, Low Mileage, Just Arrived, Price Reduced)
  • Get a robust Incentive manager at your fingertips
  • Get Push and Pull Inventory to and from any providers
  • Experience our Premium, Trim-matched photos
  • Filterable, Sortable, Search-able inventory tools at your fingertips
  • Search Engine friendly Schema markup for vehicles that improve your search results organically, so you don’t have to spend on Search Engine Marketing

Take control of your virtual showroom and say goodbye to rigid template sites

Glovebox is the intuitive web designer you wish you had.

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What Can I Expect From Glovebox?

  • Control
    With Ease
  • Intuitive
  • Library
    & Templating
  • Lead
  • Integrated
    Build & Price
  • Built for Front &
    Back End
  • Responsive
  • Trustworthy
  • Customer

Control your vehicle inventory and incentives easily

Glovebox features robust showroom and inventory managers. You can easily access and change all aspects of your vehicles (trim, comments, prices) and assign status to them (Featured, Low Mileage, Just Arrived, Price Reduced). Plus show off vehicles with premium, trim-matched photos or add and organize them.

Glovebox even features push, pull inventory to and from any feed provider, letting you stay focused on how to merchandise them with a full–featured incentive manager.

Organize and add pages with an intuitive drag system

The Glovebox page manager combined with a very powerful page editor lets you easily build or change any page on your site in minutes. You don’t require any special technical knowledge or a web design team to keep your site up to date and relevant for your consumers. It’s as easy as selecting one of our blocks on a page, then moving it, sizing it, editing it and saving it. No coding required.

And if you want to really get under the hood and customize there is a deep feature set of options for almost every aspect of a page right at your fingertips

A full library of professionally designed, customizable page templates

No two sites are the same. We believe in quality over quantity and keep our page library filled with the latest and greatest designs from our in-house design team. As we create better pages we remove old designs and add new ones. This helps the library stay fresh. And since you can use a page template and customize it as you like, it can quickly become your own unique page.

Best of all you don’t have to recreate the same page every time with the built-in ability to save any template to your own library.

Get more leads with our improved form builder and custom lead types

One form does not fit all consumers. With Glovebox you can choose from our series of prebuilt forms ranging from simple contact forms, to test-drive forms, service forms, finance forms and more. We also give you access to modify them as you need or create your own.

You can use our lead manager for customer engagement or have leads push directly to your CRM of choice with our custom distribution lists.

Integrated Build and Price with budgeting

Let visitors stay on your site to build and price their dream vehicle. Budget setting search options, comparative trim selection, color and package pickers, accessories and applicable incentives all in one tool. And coming soon, additional features that integrate available inventory, build comparisons and much more!

Built for both the front end of your virtual store and your operations.

Manage store information, new, used, sold vehicle listings, staff, accessories, leads and incentives in one place. The backend of Glovebox extends well beyond the typical site builder to help you manage your operations.

It’s simple. Our technology works on any device, with the right content for that device

Every element of a Glovebox page is created to be responsive by our design team ensuring they will function and look great on Desktop, tablet or mobile. You don’t have to design a page twice; responsive logic is simply built in to each block of content.

You also have the ability to create adaptive pages and select what content you want to hide on different devices. After all, a responsive site means nothing if it only scales down content that doesn’t work on the intended device, does it? With Glovebox you can cater you content easily based on how consumers view it.

Trusted by Dealers for over 8 years

Glovebox launched in 2009 and was the first dealer platform to be responsive. We have continued to learn and evolve the platform based on input from the dealers, groups and OEMs who use it day in and day out. Our latest version was built to give you a wealth of additional tools and introduced our flexible template grid system.

Staff Training and support comes standard with Glovebox

With our boutique approach to customer service, we provide training as part of our onboarding. We’re always available to help answer your questions and for troubleshooting. Plus, our performance managers can plan upcoming activity with you each month.

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