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Retention marketing vs Interruption marketing

Bumper has proven results from hundreds of dealers, who have launched over 2,000 campaigns to over 1,344,000 recipients, generating more than 73,000 leads and $20,000,000 in gross profit. Bumper’s real-time notifications and behavioral tracking will engage your front-line staff to start two-way conversations with the right customers… right at the time you have their attention.

Bumper is the self-managed, one-to-one retention marketing platform that lets you create personalized, hyper-targeted campaigns, and view each recipient’s response in real time. You’ll know their conversion mindset as soon as your message reaches their mailbox, inbox or phone.

Using Bumper’s personalized connected approach to communicate promotions to a specific customer helps you generate 300% more leads, based on their behavior sparked by your messaging.

  • ROI on every campaign dollar
  • Convert your hot leads faster
  • Discover the warm leads that you didn’t know you had
  • Realize higher sales and more gross
  • Find the leads most likely to buy from your database each day, week, month
  • Spend less money marketing to your Database
  • Realize higher customer satisfaction and retention
  • No long-term contracts
  • Pay as you play
  • Easy to use
  • Eligible for co-op
  • Eliminate the excuses of ‘not enough prospects’ for your team

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Stop wasting money with untargeted direct mail and emails and start generating ROI and Sales each month, each week, each day.

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What Can I Expect From Bumper?

  • Generate
  • Control Your
  • Better
  • Proven
  • Send
  • One-Click
  • No
  • Co-op
  • Awesome
  • DMS

100’s of dealerships, 1000’s of leads, millions in profits

Imagine driving a retention tool with complete control, harvesting and connecting with micro-targeted leads from your customer database on demand… every day, week or month you want them.

Bumper is the self-managed, one-to-one retention marketing platform that lets you create personalized, hyper-targeted campaigns, and view each recipient’s response in real time. You’ll know their conversion mindset as soon as your message reaches their mailbox, inbox or phone.

Don’t wait… Trickle out your $10,000.00 quarterly budget at $100.00 per day instead

Stop holding back on your next major retention sales event, waiting for the $10,000 budget approval you need to stage it. Instead, use Bumper on a pay-as-you-play model to spend as little or as much as you need, on your own schedule.

You control what, where, and how you spend, so you can host all types of retention sales even more than once a quarter (go for every day, if you like!)

5X the results at a fraction of the price

Bumper reveals a new type of high-converting customer lead, giving you up to 5 times the results you may be used to.

Traditional email and direct mail marketing converts only 1% of your recipients into leads as “Hot” leads -- people who raise their hand wanting to know more. Bumper generates up to 300% more “Warm” leads for your sales funnel, creating a new lead category based on each recipient’s behavior when interacting with your campaign.

Profitable, proven results from hundreds of dealers

Since Bumper first went live in 2013, it’s still the only dealer-managed, one-to-one marketing platform built specifically for the automotive industry. Bumper has proven results from hundreds of dealers, who launched 2,240 campaigns to over 1,344,000 recipients – and generated over 73,000 leads that converted into deals worth over $20 million dollars in gross profit.

Send invitations your customers actually care about

Retention marketing works for many other goals beyond just selling cars. Start marketing to your customers with the right offers, sending the right messages for the right purpose.

Bumper’s hyper-targeting makes it simple to “invite with a purpose”, engaging customers to extend their warranty, take a second delivery, respond to an outstanding recall, or come in for overdue service. Optimize customer retention in all departments, increasing your dealership’s value and goodwill in the process.

One-click deployment of multi-channel campaigns

Make the software do all the hard work so you can focus on running your dealership. Bumper’s built-in automation handles all the complicated steps to create a connected, multi-channel marketing campaign. You simply:

  • 1
    Select your
    target audience
  • 2
    your messaging
    and content
  • 3
    Click the
    Launch button

Just be sure you’re sitting near the phone when you do!

No Contracts

Say goodbye to monthly commitments. With Bumper’s simple ‘Pay-As-You-Play’ pricing model, it’s easy to control your spend… and break free from the wasteful spray-and-pray mass marketing approach.

No Campaign Minimums -- No Monthly Fees -- Pay Only Per Invite

  • $2.89

    including email, direct mail, tracking and a personalized webpage overlaid on your existing website

  • OR
  • $0.49

    for email, tracking and personalized webpage overlaid on your existing website

Tap into easier-access OEM co-op funding

Bumper direct-marketing campaigns qualify for incremental co-op funding that doesn’t require big budgets or area-manager’s approvals. You’re probably already accessing these co-op dollars for your direct-mail marketing – so stop putting your sales on hold, waiting for special 3-day loyalty event funds to become available.

Dedicated Performance Managers always on call

Need help after you’re set up?

Our Performance Managers provide you with ongoing planning and valuable retention insights, distilled from years of hands-on marketing experience in automotive. Our team guides you through the process of truly understanding the value in your database of customers, maximizing your opportunities for profit. We can even show you how use the power of ‘smart segmenting’ to let Bumper bring your own inventory-sourcing campaigns to life!

Integrates with your DMS, your applications and your sales process

Bumper was built on the showroom floor of a dealership, not the 20th floor of a downtown office tower. So it fits your real-life sales processes first… then sets your lead management to fit your workflow seamlessly. Send leads to Bumper through any CRM, and gain access and control over your data through integration with over 19 certified DMS providers.

No need to wait while your Controller pulls another list from your DMS. Create your enxt event in minutes… and get back to selling more cars.

Bumper Videos

  • Introduction To Bumper

    Take a look at what Bumper from Vicimus can do for your Automotive Business.

  • Building intelligence to your Database with Bumper

    Learn about a key feature of Bumper from Vicimus that helps dealers reach their customers and better use their own database.

  • Watch Each Customers Interactions Live with Bumper

    Find out how your customers are interacting with your digital marketing and what they are most interested in.

  • Customize Your Promotional Content with Bumper

    Create, personalize and customize your emails, web pages and direct mail to your message, promotion and OEM brand.

  • Segmentation on a Personal Level with Bumper

    Find out how Bumper from Vicimus can personalize your message right down to every single customer when they are most likely to buy.

  • Vicimus Success Story - Tanya

    Learn about a success full campaign using our Bumper Product from Vicimus Performance Manager Tanya.

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