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The Bumper Difference

Until now your dealership has had to depend on mass marketing distribution, with limited visibility of success - even when marketing to your own customers.

Using Bumper’s personalized connected approach to communicate promotions to a specific customer helps you to better understand them and generate 300% more leads based on their behavior sparked by your messaging.

Bumper’s real-time notifications and behavioral tracking will engage your front-line staff to start two-way conversations with the right customers, right at the time you have their attention.

What Can I expect from Bumper?
  • One-Click
  • Make Your 
    DMS Data Useful
  • Segmentation on
    a Personal Level
  • Customizable 
  • Real-Time 
  • DMS
  • Our

One-Click Deployment of Multi-Channel Marketing

In a fraction of the time it takes to send a traditional email campaign to your customers, use Bumper to harness a multi-channel approach for all your promotions.

Click launch and your campaign will include a direct mailed letter that is followed-up by an email, connecting the individual to their own personalized online experience directly on your dealership’s website, where they can access additional personalized content using any device.

Using a multi-channel approach linking each element to each person connected to one platform can reveal a customer’s “zero moment of truth” that is rarely achievable in marketing.

Make Your DMS Data Useful in Under 90 Seconds

Using your DMS data for marketing is challenging. Manually standardizing data to be useful can take hours or even days, especially if you try to personalize beyond a customers first and last name.

As you import your lists into Bumper, every field is standardized within seconds. Bumper not only handles scrubbing for duplicates, but unlocks your data’s full potential. Make use of customer’s model years, vehicle make, models, purchase dates, contract expiry, opt-outs, vehicle ownership status, last service visits, address correction and last known addresses, and much more.

Once standardized you can use every data point in your messaging to make it more personal, this also powers Bumper’s easy to use filters for segmenting to the perfect target audiences.

Segmentation on a Personal Level

Sending the same message to your entire target list of customers at the same time is not only wasting your marketing dollars, it also wastes your customer’s attention.

With Bumper you can segment a campaign down to one person, to send only content and promotions that are relevant to them. Bumper’s user friendly filters allow you to segment audiences based on every data field available in your DMS.

Splitting your large list of customers into bite-sized campaigns spread over staggered in-market dates also helps you to manage your frontline resources to properly handle leads.

Customize Your Promotional Content

In minutes create campaigns that easily qualify for your manufacture’s co-op funds by editing Bumper’s pre-built themes designed around your brand standards with agency-level designs.

You can easily edit the content of every channel element, to send campaigns for any purpose - limited only by your imagination.

Deliver interactive content that can include, videos, downloadable PDFs, printable offers, surveys, one-click bookings, and even ownership status.

Watch Each Customer’s Live Interactions

Follow your customer’s in real-time as they lead towards converting. See when they respond to your email and even the printed letter they received in the mail, watch what call-to-actions they take on their personalized page - like watching a video, printing coupons or downloading a brochure.

Bumper’s tracking indexes each customer based on their interactions into easy to manage “cool, warm, and hot” lead lists helping your staff to focus on personally connecting with the right customers at the right time.

Send triggered lead notifications to the right people on your team, specific for each campaign, and you can even connect Bumper leads to your CRM.

Certified DMS Access

Connecting your DMS directly to Bumper will save you the time of extracting and manually importing your customer information. Once integrated your data is updated every day to ensure your records are always up-to-date. You will also gain access to the full potential of all the features of Bumper’s built-in segmentation filters.

Bumper currently integrates with 19 different DMS providers and growing, please ask your Performance Manager about yours.

Our Promise to You

We promise to provide you with not only an all-in-one tool, but also the ongoing personal support needed to move your dealership’s one-to-one marketing towards it’s true potential – giving you full control of your customer relationships and their privacy.


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