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At Vicimus, our solutions enable you to find,
understand and retain more customers, so you
can develop life-long relationships with them.

It’s about ROI, isn’t it? Driving greater conversion, more sales, and reduced operating costs, while creating stronger consumer engagement and increased customer satisfaction.

The automotive industry is in constant flux in the face of new technologies, a transforming media landscape, and a dramatic shift in the consumer journey. Staying on top, let alone ahead of these changes is a difficult task for everyone, from Dealers to Manufacturers.

Having deep experience in the automotive retail business, we’ve learned that you can’t do it all alone. We created Vicimus to connect the vast, global network of dealers, distributors, consultants, vendors, allied industry partners and business leaders, together with our talented team of technologists, designers, performance managers and operational specialists, to deliver software-as-a-service products that solve the real world automotive business problems you face everyday.

Business goals may vary by Tier, but
we all want to improve our relationship with
our consumers… and sell more

The consumer journey is much more than an isolated buying cycle. Whether you’re an OEM, a Dealer or one of the many Allied Industries within the sector, we all play a part and are affected by the consumer journey, just as we all touch some aspect of retail operations in the pre-purchase, purchase and post purchase of a vehicle. By understanding how the consumer journey, the vehicle journey and the various employee journey’s across tiers intersect and influence the consumer, we can all benefit. This is why Vicimus provides an end-to-end business perspective that will change your viewpoint on the industry, regardless of where you play in it.


Stop acting like a competitor.
Become the competition instead.

Remember when the industry thought they didn’t need a website? Be ready for what’s next.
The digital and consumer changes that started in the mid 90’s and beyond were exponential, and they were underestimated by our industry at the time. It took a while to accept the need for change, and adapt to it. Today, data and new technologies are accelerating well beyond the pace experienced by the Internet, changing how you operate your business, whether you gain market share and sales, and determining whether you will adapt and succeed, or not. Your competition is looking ahead, every day. Are you?

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Is your Dealer Group performance greater
than the sum of its’ parts? It should be.

Automotive Dealer Groups are expanding faster than ever before.
But are your tools, processes, infrastructure and strategies keeping up with the expansion and benefiting your bottom line? There are many questions that an Automotive Group face that are unique. Do we centralize certain departments, or not? How do we effectively utilize and understand a growing database? How do we manage cross-brand opportunities while balancing OEM expectations? How do we develop training for a consistent customer experience across all brands in the Group? These key business decisions will determine your future success or hold you back. At Vicimus, we have answers and perspectives to help your Automotive Group future proof.

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Tomorrow’s automotive ecosystem
won’t evolve by accident.

Vicimus is carefully structured and constructed to solve Industry challenges .
Vicimus brings together a global group of experienced auto-dealer executives, digital marketing managers, retail industry accelerators, software & automation experts, award-winning brand, advertising and marketing minds and proven performers in business consulting and growth strategy. This allows our approach and perspective to be informed and all encompassing, because your problems deserve a wider perspective if they are to be solved. We can help provide the strategies and tools to put you ahead of the competition.

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A closed mind, like a closed eco-system,
hurts the industry. We're better together.

Much of the automotive industry operates on closed software
and management systems that don’t integrate.

We want to change this and are creating the first automotive specific open platform with API’s that speak to this industry and your business. If you have a software solution that you'd like to connect with ours, and you maintain an open architecture that enables and adds value to the automotive customer's experience, we'd love to talk with you. The future is wide open.

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Feel like your website is flat? It’s time you changed it.

Glovebox is a Content Management System (CMS) that powers a gorgeous, eye-catching website to grab your consumer’s attention, and convert them into quality leads. It’s the in-house web designer you wish you had, with simple, easy-to-use controls to keep your website at peak performance.

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Improve your retention strategy.
Communicate with your database.
Make more money.

Surprisingly, most dealerships consider their traditional direct-marketing campaigns a success if they see barely 1% of their recipients converting to active sales leads. Imagine if you could realize upwards of 5% conversions from the same list at a fraction of the cost?

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