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What’s in a name? Everything.

Todd Lawson

We live, breathe, eat and sleep automotive.

Ask any Vicimus employee about what they like about cars and chances are they have a story to tell or a dream car to gush about.

Like many of our clients, staff at Vicimus is not only working every day in the automotive – but are also car enthusiasts at heart. For many, it is our career path or our upbringing or both that has shaped our love of cars.

Some grew up in dealership families and worked every job in them. Some simply grew up with other car lovers and spent our weekends with our family watching races on television or at local tracks. Our VP, Engineering Craig Hooghiem has never owned a car and kept it stock. His brother Jesse, one of our Product Operations Specialists, has a crazy-modified Miata (https://www.instagram.com/jessehoog/). For me, it was my father who used to race Camaros and motorcycles (and sell them) as well as take long road trips with my mother from Ancaster, Ontario all the way to southern California before my sister and I were born. And even after that, we watched races on TV on Sundays. Then, when we lived in central Florida we watched the 12 hours of Sebring races trackside.

It is inevitable that our love for the wheel, engine, tire and asphalt would pump through us like a new oil change in our turbo-engine hearts and into our products.

With the release of our latest version of Bumper we provided a ton of enhancements to what was already a powerhouse of Automotive Direct Marketing tools with the addition of four new campaign template designs for emails, letters and personalized webpages.

Why is that a big deal? Well for a start it was the first time we could offer different ways to communicate with your customers since Bumpers creation, over five years ago.

And for the first time we needed to differentiate them from each other. Now we could have made up random names, given them people names (as if they were pets) or given them long forgetful descriptions like “Awesome slider page with four images and a form” – but that didn’t feel like a Vicimus thing to do…and it would be lame. Instead we saw a chance to infuse our love for automotive into them from the start.

So, we named them after actual race tracks.

With the four new templates joining the original legacy template you now have 5 ways to differentiate yourself from the store next door. We wanted to share them with you and a bit about the race tracks they were each named after – feel free to wow your friends and family at parties after reading this with your new in-depth trivia knowledge. Do you have a race track you love? Tell us what your favourite track is – who knows, maybe we’ll name the next template we create after it!


Brooklands (The Original)

If you have used Bumper before 2018, you know Brooklands well. It was the original template design. Simple and clean, we know it works well and can support any campaign theme. It was named after the world’s first purpose-built motor racing circuit, built in 1907. (see what we did there?) It is now a racing museum and event space.


Laguna is a unique template created to feature a larger image that is “right-side-centric” in the personalized Webpage as well as a left side navigation bar. In the letter you’ll find one of our new features: a coupon call-out area to put in incentives from your OEM or tease out the offer. This template was named after the famous Laguna Seca paved road racing track in California, built in 1957. Laguna Seca is Spanish for “Dry Lagoon” because the areas where the track lies used to be a lake. (*Party trivia points if you bring that up next time you chip in to the pond at the course)


Silverstone is similar to Laguna, in that it features a more “right-side-centric” image in the personalized Webpage and an overlay for clear copy. The letter also features the new coupon teaser area – which you can turn off in the Bumper campaign builder. Silverstone Circuit is a motor racing track in England which hosts the British Grand Prix!

Now we didn’t just come up with cool, modern, new ways to show content. We also added new unique experiences for your customers to keep them on their page longer….



On the surface Suzuka may look similar to Laguna and Silverstone with its “right-side-centric” image and new letter layout. But when they visit their Personalized Webpage we’ve added an interactive ZOOM tool that allows them to rollover the image and see it in detail. You can show off a new model and let your customer explore it in detail, or a collection of parts and let them explore, or get creative and put in a contest where they need to search an image for something and get an offer when they fill in their form! The template is named after Suzuka International Racing Course in Japan. Originally designed as a Honda test track in 1962, it is one of the few circuits in the world to have a figure eight layout. (*And if you are a Honda dealer, your brand pride really should demand you use it at least once!)


Our most advanced template with the most opportunities to be amazing for the more creative minded marketer. Nürburgring features a slider in its personalized webpage that allows your customer to slide back and forth over images. You can use it to feature 2 different models, winter to all-season tires, or get creative and put in faces of happy to angry customers…bad dealer to good dealer…anything you can think of. We’ve already seen some great campaign ideas come from this one. The template was named after the Nürburgring Race Track in Nürburg, Germany. A 150,000-person capacity motorsports complex.

So, there you have it.

5 new templates. 5 racing track trivia tidbits. 5 new ways to stand out when you send your customers direct marketing communications that will stand out against the typical spray and pray, one-size-fits-all mentality of other products.

See you at the finish line!

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