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Vicimus Product Driver – UI/UX Designer Shreya Sadhan

Vicimus runs similarly to a dealership. Meaning, we’d love to hire an automobile savant who knows every make and model, but it’s not what’s important. Humility is. It’s the underrated quality that makes your star employees shine. Take one glance at your sales floor, and you’ll know what we mean. It’s the same amount of time it took us when we hired our UI/UX Designer, Shreya Sadhan – a significant reason for the stellar performance of our current and future products.

From humble beginnings…

Shreya Sadhan recently immigrated from her home country of India and earned her Master’s Degree in Interactive Media Management at George Brown in Toronto. Her proficient graphic design skills led her to Vicimus. However, her background in the automotive industry did not.

“My biggest challenge was not knowing a THING about the automotive industry,” says Shreya. “It didn’t affect my work, though. I’m able to connect with people who have prior experience in it. It’s nice to chat with them and get their feedback.”

Shreya may not know the gamut of dealer vernacular, but when it comes to designing a seamless user experience, we speak the same language. To do that, Shreya ambitiously visited and spent a few days at dealerships, gaining first-hand knowledge of dealership problems and finding their solutions. She shadowed in their five departments (New & Used, Service, Parts, and F&I) and learned their lingo; her confidence in auto industry insights are sky-high.

“I got real-time feedback about products. What they like, what they don’t like, and what they are looking for. Dealers need to reach whatever targets they have, and they HAVE to meet them because jobs are on the line. We never want our products to cannibalize their time, whether it be building a campaign, or using Glovebox, giving them time to focus on selling.”

The formula for success

Shreya’s three-step user experience process for updating Bumper is thorough, arduous, and according to her, a well worth it necessity.

1. Research

“In an ideal scenario, I start with market research and whatever information is available to me. I want to understand user issues and problems better, our client demographic, and find the solution.”

2. Ideation & testing

“I narrow down concepts by discussing with SMEs, or Subject Matter Experts. If I get a chance to interact with the client or dealer, I take advantage of that too by stripping the solution down to its essentials and telling them a story. Observing, talking and taking valuable feedback.”

3. Design & develop

“The design strategy starts with the UI process of skinning, which results in efficient products with intuitive interfaces and a unique experience. Once achieved, I hand it off to our developers. That is the process that I follow.”

The end result: Bumper 3.0

“Bumper 3.0. took a lot of time and effort to come up with a new look and feel, flow, and understand what works better. Now, as soon as the user gets in, they are trained to go from one spot to another without getting lost. It’s straightforward, with fewer buttons. We incorporated a Quick Start Guide when they use it for the first time. Upcoming, there will be how-to videos highlighting more possibilities with what they can do with Bumper and quick-win tutorials, like how to create a basic campaign – initial phases of the product.”

…to a promising future

Shreya grew up painting and drawing but knew the future was being creative in the digital space and not on a canvas. She understands that people are changing and new habits are forming requiring technology adapting to that – much like your prospects searching for their next vehicle. It’s here today, gone tomorrow.

“Vicimus is always thinking of what would help their business because whatever helps them, helps us. We are creating trust with the customer. If they use one product with us and they like it, they are open to others without giving it another thought.”

Our company mindset aligns with Shreya’s uncompromising philosophy, and we couldn’t be happier.

“User first, customer first. Whatever you do, even if it’s something small, it can make a BIG impact. We don’t have to re-invent the wheel again, because even something small can make their life easier.”

Shreya Sadhan is humble, but when it comes to talking about the phenomenal work she’s doing designing our products, we don’t mind if she brags a little. Not one bit.

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