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Tricia Haldane

Performance Manager

Time is vital in a dealership; there’s never enough. That’s why Tricia’s expertise in growing dealerships with efficient processes that sustain the inevitable monthly hardships (staff turnover, lost man hours, etc.) is invaluable in the automotive industry. Add that to the fabulous programs and efficiencies that Vicimus can help create and the door to increased productivity & profit margins and new opportunity are all within your grasp.

About Tricia Haldane

Tricia got hooked on wheels early in life – 18 wheels to be exact.  Having a father that drove transport truck and loved cars, she spent lots of time going to auto shows and drooling over metal.

Tricia’s love of cars and conversation led her down the predestined path of a fruitful career in automotive sales. As an Account Manager at Openlane, she handled logistics for dealerships across North America. From small rural hubs to large dealer groups, she built a rapport and connection with them in her efforts to help them grow their businesses and she got hooked on the industry.

Tricia worked as a Business Development Manager for a large Honda dealership. She ran the BDC, trained staff, oversaw retention activities and facilitated their sales campaigns. Following that experience, she worked at AutoTrader exploring the inside marketing and business aspects on running an effective dealership. Tricia became a trusted liaison and advisor to her portfolio, ensuring businesses were on the right track amongst an ever-changing market.

All these jobs pulled together some of Tricia’s strengths….building strong relationships, hard work ethic, competitive spirit, organization, persistence, humour and a real desire to find those win/win scenarios.

Where do you see the future of the industry heading?

Technology is a beast that isn’t going to be slain anytime soon. Because of that, customer purchasing habits are evolving with it at an unprecedented rate. A dealership’s survival demands business tools that give them measurable and quantifiable solutions.


Vicimus Performance Managers are a dealer’s lifeline – we not only assist with ideas, but we inspire them. We can share stories and best practices. We can champion new ideas with our team to implement. We work side by side with our colleagues to make things as intuitive and efficient as possible. We are constantly striving to improve and grow, to bring out the best in each other, and by doing so, in our dealerships.

When she is not playing around with cars, Tricia is a professional opera singer and accomplished recitalist. She has done fundraising concerts for groups like Toronto Habitat for Humanity, Wells of Hope, The Stephen Lewis Foundation and ALS Foundation of Canada. She loves to travel, runs a wine club, and goes on big adventure walks.

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