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Tanya Gray

Director of Client Operations

With both a marketing and automotive background, Tanya takes the valuable skills learned from both these areas across a wide variety of marketing services at Vicimus. Not only does Tanya implement marketing strategies which often receive ROI numbers over 500%, but she is also a certified expert in both Google Analytics and Google AdWords. Tanya is a proven over-achiever, she puts her energy and efforts into perfecting marketing strategies that have continuously proven their success and ensures she is maximizing the results every time.

About Tanya Gray

Tanya graduated with a marketing degree in 2013 and has since worked as a marketing representative for a handful of non-profit organizations; developing marketing campaigns, writing press releases for local magazines and managing social media platforms.


Tanya entered the automotive industry in 2014 where she was responsible for a number of different positions across the dealership, some of which include; structuring a unique method for coordinating new and used vehicle deliveries, responsible for Dealer Trades, organizing and structuring customer care seminars, assisting the business manager with preparing all financial documents for deliveries, as well as new and used vehicle sales. Working in a dealership, Tanya was able to understand not only the daily pains the management team experienced, but also began to understand the dealership customer and the process that customer takes before buying a car.

After two years of working within an auto group, Tanya had decided to combine her love of marketing and the automotive industry, with a career at Vicimus. Tanya now works as our  Director of Client Operations where she manages website operations for a variety of Tier2 websites, offers support and strategic planning to an array of clients across multiple brands, and implements SEO strategy, digital marketing campaigns, and sales and retention approaches to Auto Groups across Canada.

Where do you see the future of the industry heading?

The digital world is changing every day and it’s no secret that online shopping will continue to dominate. The online shopper is knowledgeable and informed and it’s up to us to provide them with relevant, honest information using the ever-evolving marketing platforms that either we’re developing or are available in the market.

“Aside from being extremely professional, responsive and hardworking, what separates Tanya from many of our other partners is that she genuinely cares about our business results and this is evident in everything that she does for us.”
-Farhaan Thobani
Director of Sales Operations
Jim Keay Ford


Performance Managers get to see a very unique side to the business. Coordinating daily with GM’s from various dealerships, complimentary vendors, as well as executive members from the company, we are able to assist with the evolution of our products by ensuring our clients’ needs are being represented throughout all aspects of the business.

“Tanya quickly has become a key member of the Team, helping with email campaigns and Private Sales. Her attention to detail and keeping the team on course and on time is invaluable to the Dealership success. Tanya, thanks for all that you do for us.”
- John Loughlean
Vice President and General Manager
Oakridge Ford

• AdWords Certified in search network marketing, display network marketing, and mobile marketing

• Analytics certified

“Not only is Tanya one of the most pleasant and knowledgeable professionals I’ve had the pleasure of working with, she is also a great listener and pays very close attention to our needs right down to the finest details. This makes the process to completion of collaborative projects very efficient, enjoyable, and rewarding not only from an ROI perspective, but also from how we continue to diversify with the many new and advanced facets of customer engagement.” -Andrew Ross
Richmond Hill Toyota

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