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Mohamed Louali

Regional Sales Manager

Mohamed is a sales manager, with solid experience in the Business development of the automotive industry. He also speaks several languages, including Arabic, English, and French. He has a certificate in International Business from HEC Montréal and 2 AEC in Hotel Management and Organization of National and International Travel at Lasalle College. Mohamed has made it easy to build business relationships, due to his qualities of being always available and listening to his clients.

About Mohamed Louali

When I arrived to Canada 13 years ago from Morocco, I had no idea what was waiting for me in Quebec. My only goal was to study and discover the North American culture, I had this desire to meet people and start a professional experience which came  in 2011 when I started  working for Enterprise Rental Car for 5 years, 2 years as Senior Representative at Six Flags Theme Park and 1 year at AutoTrader, before Deciding to join the Vicimus Family.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my little family and traveling to discover other cultures and meet people, and at the same time flee the cold winter of Quebec. I am also very involved as a father of my young Boy who plays Hockey in winter and Soccer in the summer so I spend my weekends and evenings in the arenas and fields.


Where do you see the future of the industry heading?

It is really important that dealers continue to embrace digital. Not all customers are identical. Some customers want to make full transactions online, others do not. Some people want to start something at home or at the dealership, put it aside and come back when they want to. It will be more important for dealers to offer flexibility.


As Regional Sales Manager, my role is to work face-to-face with our clients, ensuring that we are delivering superior solutions in an efficient way that empower them to achieve their goals.

"Technologies will continue to transform the world and improve human welfare. If we embrace modernity today instead of ignore it, we will be more successful and fulfilled in the future."

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