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Marc Desgroseilliers

VP, Sales

Often referred as the “Engine” Marc is a growth team leader, influencer, speaker and trainer passionately motivated to better the automotive industry. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Marc has successfully built digital solutions for auto, consulted hundreds of dealership operations, OEMs and digital companies. Marc’s multi-dimensional career spans over 20 years, his expertise stems from key positions in both sales & marketing at all 3 tiers of the car industry. His quick 360-degree view of automotive combined with an in-depth social media understanding has propelled him consult over 400 dealerships, Canada’s largest dealer groups & several OEMs. He has advised Google, Twitter and emerging digital platforms in Canada. Fluent in both French and English with a people-first attitude, Marc’s mission is to educate and positively influence the automotive industry by sharing his insight and best practices that bridge the gap between dealers and today’s digitally savvy customers.

About Marc Desgroseilliers

Marc started his automotive journey in the late 1990’s where he worked through a number of different positions across two domestic dealerships, from new car sales to service. Dedicated to mastering his dealership craft, Marc was able to understand not only the daily demands the operation experienced, but also began to understand the complexity of the interdepartmental relations needed to deliver high customer satisfaction while maintaining profitable sales levels.Marc’s OEM career took off with HMG (Hyundai Motors Group) where over the span of twelve years saw him progress through the ranks in the after sales, sales and marketing departments for both Hyundai & Kia. Marc complimented his OEM experience by leading an automotive centric agency to then set off on his own to develop a social sharing app for dealership.

Now aboard and firing on all cylinders fueled by an insatiable desire to build a premier global unit worthy of the industry, Marc is leading the VICIMUS sales team with innovative automotive solutions and services that is sure to positively impact the industry.


Where do you see the future of the industry heading.

With the “People Movement” rising through technology & connectivity, car sharing spreading to suburban areas, vehicle electrification increasing range and affordability, AI & voice search emerging faster than anticipating, OEMs & dealerships alike will have no choice but to evolve and will have to make serious decisions to dramatically alter their current business model. Humans will continue to evolve, the question is, will auto be able to keep up?

As a person he is amiable, courteous and very personable. I would highly recommend Marc as a strong attribute to any business.

Marc is a hands-on resulted oriented professional. He is able to work with a diverse group of dealer principals and bring them together to develop effective and unique advertising and promotional events.


In any organization, the sales department plays a pivotal role in the success of the business. The unique and important role of sales is to bridge the gap between the potential customer’s needs and the products/services that VICIMUS offers that can fulfil their needs. In addition, the Sales department collaborates with every dept. to drive the business, whether it be product feedback to competitive analysis, the sales team actively engages other team members with the intent of making our solutions better.

"Simply stated...Marc is a pro. Marc not only masters the traditional methods of marketing; he is leaps and bounds ahead of most in his field when it comes to understanding and utilizing the vast frontier of social/online media. Marc has the uncanny ability to quantifiably measure the impact of an event/campaign and present it in such a manner that it makes people around him extremely comfortable with following his lead.”
Corey MacDonald- District Sales Manager, Polaris Industries Inc.

Words by Marc

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