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Jonathan Pisarczyk

VP, Information Technology

Jonathan Pisarczyk has been a technology enthusiast since his earliest encounters with the gadgets, lights, and buttons. His passion first began with VHS, giant video cameras, DOS on an original IBM, and playing with his parent’s Polaroid camera.

About Jonathan Pisarczyk

Not only does Jonathan enjoy technology, he also has a strong passion for adventure. He decided to further pursue his education in Business Information Systems in Australia. In Australia, he earned a Bachelor’s degree from a reputable program and also experienced the culture and the excitement of a new country. Through this journey, he learned a great deal about the various aspects of the technology field but also was able to collaborate with other young professionals from around the world and build solid relationships. Jonathan’s sense of adventure has also included learning about cars, boats, drones, photography and other motorized “toys.” His appreciation of vehicles, along with their improvements, structurally and technology-wise, has further interconnected his interests.


Where do you see the future of the industry heading.

The Automotive Retail Industry and technology industry is ever changing and evolving. No longer can the big gorilla dominate the market. Small players are catching up to the big tech companies who have got too comfortable with status quo. All companies are now forced to change processes, procedures and technology. If technology isn’t adopted, you’ll be left in the dust. Many new technologies fortunately bring cost savings and efficiencies.

Jonathan Pisarczyk was one of the 1st employees at Vicimus, helping dealers use technology.

Jonathan works on common goals to find cost savings and employee productivity improvements for businesses using technology.


As Vice President of Information Technology my role is to work with internal employees and external clients to ensure technology systems are running smoothly and optimized to the full potential.

Jonathan plans to continue to find inventive ways to find cost effective solutions while providing quality service. His passions continue to fuel the innovative ideas and goals he has to help support and advance current and future clients.

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