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Jackie Baruca

Regional Sales Manager - Western

20 years in the automotive industry representing 3rd party website's,(Auto Trader for 15 years) Dealer.com, V- Auto, Auto Alert, Social & Reputation management & Auto Audience Network. I grew up in the print industry and went through the evolution into digital. Learning and growing with my Automotive clients who teach me every day the in's & outs of the business. Never failing to make me laugh and love what I do.

About Jackie Baruca

My career in the auto industry started at 19, during the summer break after graduating high school I took a part time job at Auto Trader taking photos for their print publications or shall I call it the bible to most dealers.

My plan was to go to college to get my law enforcement degree and save the world. That’s when the magic happened. I worked my way up very quickly to being the youngest sales rep growing my territory by 60% in the first year. I found my passion, sales but most importantly working with clients.

Outside of work I have 2 amazing daughters who teach me every day to be better.

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