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Heather Nedham

Regional Sales Manager

Heather understands what it takes to drive sales and the critical piece of the puzzle that needs to be managed properly in order to do so: your dealership’s database. Heather’s well-rounded career in the automotive industry spans many different areas: from the dealership parts and service departments, online auction program management, OEM experience, as well as experience in the transport side of the business, and most recently in the area of database marketing. Experiencing the automotive business from different vantage points has given her a solid understanding as to how these different components need to work together in order to create success at the dealership level. What’s most important to her is her relationships with her customers, and making sure they have the tools they need in order to effectively and intelligently manage their customer databases so that opportunities are capitalized on.

About Heather Nedham

Heather’s career in the industry began right out of university, managing the parts department at her father’s R.V. dealership. After the dealership closed, Heather spent the next few years learning a great deal about people as well as cars as an appointment coordinator and then Service Advisor at a Ford dealership. Service Advising includes many different responsibilities, most definitely the ability to manage many spinning plates all at the same time.

Always wanting to try new things and build on the experiences and skills she has acquired, Heather joined an online remarketing auction and helped to shape and manage the remarketing strategy for her client Honda Financial Services. This lead to the opportunity to handle remarketing on the OEM side of things at BMW Financial Services. The next opportunity brought Heather experience at one of the major automotive transport providers in Canada where she managed special moves and social media.

All of these opportunities allowed Heather to return to the dealership level where she had the opportunity to run sales and marketing campaigns that were database driven. Heather came to Vicimus when she realized she can be much more effective in helping dealerships hit their goals and targets with the solutions Vicimus has brought to the marketplace.


Where do you see the future of the industry heading?

I see the industry becoming smarter and more streamlined in their approaches to marketing and advertising. There are many different tools that dealerships have access to, but there’s a real need for tools that are simple and easy to use as well as efficient and effective. Dealerships basically experience the same month each and every month – if there’s no time to learn how to use a complicated tool this month, there won’t be next month either. I see more and more dealers adopting our tools in the future because the self-serve model is not only easy and effective, it gives the dealership control over their processes, with guidance along the way, at a very reasonable price point.


As a Regional Sales Manager, I am the face of Vicimus to our clients. I’m able to help them simplify their processes with our tools and work with them to come up with solutions that meet their specific needs.

Heather enjoys challenges and pushing herself to be better than she was yesterday. One of the ways she does this is by living an active lifestyle. When Heather isn’t answering calls, sending emails or working with clients, you might just find her on her bicycle, her motorcycle, running, on the baseball diamond or competing with teammates in a military obstacle course.

“If you are going to work hard for something, make it worth your while. It may not take any more effort or time to catch a big fish than a small one.”
- The Success Model by Sam Silverstein

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