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Craig Hooghiem

VP, Engineering

Craig likes his coffee strong, his cars unique and his code indented with 4 spaces. Craig has spent years tearing apart cars and computers (sometimes putting them back together), making a job with an automotive software company a dream.

About Craig Hooghiem

Craig Hooghiem was born into the dealership life; raised by an owner operator of a used car dealership, he was exposed to all aspects of the dealership. Through his teenage years, Craig worked in nearly every corner of the dealership, gaining an understanding for how each team at a dealership operates.

Since joining Vicimus as one of the first employees, Craig has held many roles and worked his way through various departments. After helping to launch the Software Development department of Vicimus, Craig has built a team of developers who are working to change the software used in this industry. Now, as VP of Engineering, Craig is responsible for ensuring that our products are delivered in a manner that meets the highest expectations of quality and reliability.


Where do you see the future of the industry heading.

Automation and machine learning are taking the industry by storm, from self-driving cars to sales models that circumvent the dealership model entirely. I see the industry slowly starting to adopt this model, realizing a future where customers are using technology to not only help them decide which car they want, but also acquire, maintain and eventually trade that car. As this technology becomes more prominent, the industry will have no choice but to embrace it at their very core and to adapt to the changing needs of the modern automotive consumer.

Craig’s passion for cars is rivaled only by his passion for problem solving and innovative technology solutions.

Craig works with his direct reports like a coach - he works with them to solve their problems… He tries to understand their challenges and works toward a solution with them.


As the VP of Engineering, I am responsible for ensuring that our products are built properly, delivered on time and maintained to the highest standards. The team develops everything from large products to small utilities, but we take the same approach to quality and scalability through all our work.

"You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.
-Wayne Gretzky"
-Michael Scott

Words by Craig

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