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Cosima Marcos

Performance Manager

Perfectly bilingual, Cosima assists dealers as well in Quebec than elsewhere else in Canada with their retention strategies. Analytical and sensitive, Cosima aims for performance. She has the attention to detail and takes every request very seriously. The success and satisfaction of her customers are her main priorities. Warning: her enthusiasm and dynamism are contagious.

About Cosima Marcos

She grew up and studied in France, she arrived in Montreal in 2005 for a university exchange program.
She obtained her Masters in Management and Marketing in 2006, and her DESS in e-commerce from HEC Montreal in 2007.

Her first experience as an Internet Coordinator for a large group of radio stations confirmed her passion for digital marketing and customer relations. She then worked for a large ad network, counting more than 400 websites. Cosima and her team worked with the largest communication agencies in Montreal and Toronto to place and optimize their online advertising campaigns.


In 2011, she joined the automotive world as a Marketing Specialist for a corporation that owns several entities, including an automotive website provider and an automotive ad network. She works behind the scenes with sales, designers and programmers to build sales and marketing tools, as well as new products. During this experience, she developed an in-depth knowledge of the web and automotive world, and developed a detailed study “Car Buyers in Canada”.

Six years later, in 2017, she chose to put herself at the forefront and help dealers in their marketing strategy and joined Vicimus as a Performance Manager.


As Performance Managers, we are at the forefront, in touch with customers, and behind the scenes with the Product Operations and Development team.
We speak daily to several departments to ensure that our products and service is always the best possible for our customers.
A suggestion from a customer is never taken lightly. We will always do our best to evaluate and include our customers ideas to future versions or improvements of our products.

Where do you see the future of the industry heading?

The automotive industry, first, will experience more changes in the next ten years than it has experienced in the last fifty. Automobile consumption will change dramatically; from autonomous cars, to electric cars, to the growth of services such as car sharing, Uber and Teo Taxi. The web industry will now inevitably take even more space in the buying process. It will be to the point where the entire decision-making process will be done online, including the final purchase. Undeniably, we will have to help dealers to reposition themselves to perform even better.

“Cosima’s customer support is hands down amazing!  Her enthusiasm for the company’s products is infectious!  Cosima was there through every step, even after the campaign was done with ideas and suggestions to make our next campaign the best it could be! She has been an invaluable support to us!  I love her ideas and enthusiasm.”
-Leeanne Matthews, Receptionist & Warranty Administrator.

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