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0:30 Spotify Radio Spot

Markham Infiniti were looking to promote some great summer deals, specifically for their Q50 and QX50 models. They wanted to run a standout radio campaign highlighting their offerings – 0% interest rates and an unbeatable lease protection plan.

Summer comes with sales and special promotions. Every radio spot tries to draw their listener’s attention to their hottest deals and discounts. We didn’t want Markham Infiniti’s message to be lost in the crowd. So, we reached an idea which stuck to the summery theme and still go their message across loud and clear.

Summer comes with sales and promotions. But it also comes with summer blockbusters, big scale, hard hitting films which have distinctly recognizable trailers. We adapted the styling and voiceover delivery of a typical summer blockbuster trailer to create a radio spot that was unique and would stand out amongst the crowd on the airwaves. The spot created urgency and highlighted Markham Infiniti’s offering and built hype around their summer blockbuster event. Have a listen here:

Vicimus is equipped with a seasoned and quick creative team. And they are on hand, ready to expertly execute any brief given to them. So, dealers looking for custom artwork for Bumper campaigns, website banners, transit ads, full-fledged video production and everything in between, can simply reach out with a brief. We will deliver creative loaded with quality.


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