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Social Selling At Your Store

Ways social selling can help your dealership thrive.

Social media can help you and your dealership to increase sales and engage with potential customers at a deeper and more meaningful level, helping to start the conversation before they walk on to the showroom and continuing it as they leave into their own trusted networks. Successful sales managers use every tool they can, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to generate conversations about their cars and store.

Being on various social media platforms does not mean you will automatically improve your social selling skills. You need to learn strategies that will help you grow your social media presence. Use these strategies to guarantee your social selling skills improve:

  • Share YOUR Story
  • Take Advantage of Peer Recommendations
  • Brand Yourself

Share YOUR Story

Focus on using photos and videos to create intriguing stories for your social media audience. Through posting photos and videos of your cars and dealership, you will build an authentic relationship with your audience and potential buyers.

For example, Galpin Motors in Los Angeles has become famous for creating engaging and fun content for their customers. Consider not just sharing what is going on with your store, but also ways to incentivize social interactions through initiatives like contesting, lotto ticket campaigns or a reward for a specific action. What you want is a conversation, not just a story to tell.

Make sure that you pay attention to feedback and look for ways to respond quicker to your customers. Facebook Messenger and website chat response time when someone engages with your content is crucial. In fact, many aspects of Facebook for business are tailored to response time, including showing your average response time to customers on your business page. Neglecting this is a big and common problem with many dealerships who do not commit to a two way conversation when they tell their stories.

Take Advantage of Peer Recommendations

We all know by now that people trust word of mouth from family and friends more than strangers. Building trust will help you sell more cars because your customers want to know that they are buying from a reputable salesperson. Receiving online reviews and recommendations will also increase your awareness for new customer acquisition.
Here are five great ways to increase your social proof:

  1. Ask for reviews of your dealership on your social channels and business rating websites like Google and Dealer Rater.
  2. Ask for comments, likes, and shares of your content on various social media channels.
  3. Tell your friends and family to share or leave a comment on your blog posts.
  4. Ask someone to leave a review for a chance to win something as simple as a gift card, new tech like a smart watch or a large ticket item like $500 off a new vehicle.
  5. Send Reputation Management Emails. They can be sent to all recent store visitors for sales and service to ask customers to leave feedback. We’ve seen this help our clients expand their audience, allowing customers to use their social network of choice.

Notice the repeating factor? Ask and talk to people about getting your recommendations. They don’t just happen, you need to put in a bit of work to grow your initial following.

Brand Yourself with Video

Customers trust sales people when they get to know you and you provide value for them. Positioning yourself as a problem solver by posting informational content on your channels and website is great, but if you are comfortable in front of the camera in video it’s better. This lets your customers get to really know who you are and what you stand for before they even meet with you. It also helps to keep you in front of them when they come back for a trade in or service.

Producing quality content is a great way to brand yourself, but you must always remember to be consistent. It’s easy with so many platforms and tools to lose the link between social media, your website and the content you post. Keeping your brand, message and personality top of mind in all of them is the key. And if all is too many, don’t spread yourself too thin. Pick YouTube or Facebook or Instagram to start and grow from there.
For a few dollars more you can take your popular videos and posts and promote them with little effort to grow your following. Who knows, you may even get to like being on camera when customers start to recognize and appreciate you for you.

What more?

The strategies in this post will help you improve your social selling. Our very own Marc Desgroseilliers – VP of Sales recently visited Honda Dealers for a Sales Rally during the Ottawa Autoshow to discuss strategies for social selling. Watch the full video.

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