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Vicimus I.T. sets up Odometer for 13 Canadian stores.

The Customer
Rafih Auto Group has been serving Ontario for over 40 years and is well-loved as a reliable and resourceful institution. Whether it’s new or used vehicles, skilled repairs or part replacement, the Rafih Auto Group is the trusted choice within the community of Windsor and across Ontario.

Rafih Auto Group needed to replace their aging analog phone system and transition to a cutting-edge call centre. Their goal was to improve customer relationships with every call and also reduce monthly costs.

As recommended by Vicimus I.T, Rafih Auto Group adopted Odometer, a modern dashboard for tracking calls. In a big shift for their stores, it would allow them to track calls, record them and build stronger customer relationships. Reconfiguring wiring and implementing new hardware also played a prominent part in installing a future-friendly and cost-effective phone system for their stores.

The solution included:

  • Freepbx VOIP Phone System integrated with Twilio, monitored using Odometer
  • Ubiquiti Network Switches & Wi-Fi Access Points
  • Sangoma Phones
  • Netgate pFsense Firewalls

Freepbx is open-source, a license-free solution envisioned to save Rafih Auto Group the cost of annual software support fees.

Business Challenge
The old analog phone system had become a hindrance for the staff at Rafih Auto Group. While the previous phone company had been patching it for years, it became increasingly difficult for the sales and service staff to manage customer relationships. There was no insight or report on how many calls were being made or taken on a daily or monthly basis, preventing Rafih from knowing their real success rate. The old system also caused callers to dropout since it couldn’t handle the number who were on hold and ultimately left many unattended. Missing customer calls led to dissatisfaction, which in turn was unhealthy for business. And of course, the heavy cost of analog phone lines was also restraining their ambitions. The main challenge was to nudge a fixed mindset towards adopting new tech and becoming a modern-day dealer group.

Solution from I.T.
Rafih Auto Group considered upgrading their systems but that meant taking a leap and leaving old ways behind. They also wanted to make sure the transition happened without any hiccups. They didn’t want to lose any customers and conversion opportunities due to their lines being down. After they decided to adopt Odometer, Vicimus I.T. stepped in and rewired their network completely. The new fiber optic internet, new IP phone handsets, network gear and a new start helped Rafih adapt to modern business needs.

Odometer deploys Freepbx – a state-of-the-art Voice Over Internet Protocol system, which is open-source and license-free, reducing monthly costs significantly. Odometer helps track every call the staff make or receive and determine the efficiency of these interactions. Recording those aids in training their staff in handling customers with more tact, to make sure queries are resolved, appointments taken and complaints heard. A highly customized IVR menu also makes it possible to route calls directly to the concerned department and avoid dropouts in transfers from the reception. Other new benefits for the staff include being able to retrieve voicemails from email and the ‘follow me’ feature which enables their cellphone to also receive the calls coming in to the desk phone. Both of these safeguards lead to the strengthening of the dealer-customer relationship. Lastly, automatic call distribution reduced dropout rates by immediately transferring holding callers to any available agent. Along with the functional benefits came Vicimus’ reliable I.T. support and quick turnarounds when required.

The staff embraced the upgrade as it overhauled daily communication with its ease of use. Above that, they loved the peace of mind it brought them in terms of taking care of their customers.

But they were even more pleased when the numbers came in:

  • Reduced Brampton Chrysler’s monthly phone bill from $2500 to under $350 per month
  • Monitored Midtown Honda’s calls for quality and training – 18,521 calls in Feb 2021 costing just $384
  • Monitored Rafih Auto Mall’s calls for quality and training – 27,773 calls in Feb 2021 costing just $489

Following these immediate results, the owners at Rafih Auto Group decided to adopt Odometer across all their stores!