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The cold weather is finally here to stay making it a great time of year to stand out from your competitors by making good use of your database and creating smart winter tire campaigns targeted to the right audiences with the right messages.

Begin launching your preliminary marketing campaigns now and prepare the messaging you’ll use the moment the snow begins to fall. This will help your dealership book early appointments and take full advantage of your weather-driven marketing when the time comes. Save time by creating and scheduling your campaigns in advance as well as setting up any website landing pages you will need for the season.

Try one of these successful winter campaign ideas:

  • Book your tire swap or new winter tires before (date) and receive $XX off your next maintenance.
  • A storage tire promotion.
  • For Canadian dealerships in PEI and NB include a special for annual safety inspections. In Nova Scotia promote the 2-year inspection on vehicles older than 3 years.
  • For US states, like Michigan, that do not require vehicle inspections, and any other regions across North America, a 20 point vehicle inspection deal gives drivers comfort and can uncover repairs that need to be done to keep vehicles performing well during the more challenging winter driving season.
  • Since the vehicle is already on a hoist, offer specials on oil change, filter and brake check to generate added revenue while saving the customer an extra trip.

Combine winter tire marketing with website promotions for a powerful combination. Prepare your website for the season with these successful winter website updates:

  • Add promotional blocks to your website’s vehicle display pages that advertise winter tire offers while consumers are researching for new or pre-owned vehicles.
  • Create a landing page that features your winter tire offers, to increase your customer’s level of engagement and book more appointments.
  • Add a form template that will allow your customers to schedule a tire swap appointment or purchase new winter tires.
  • Ensure that your forms ask all the information your dealership will need to prepare for your customer’s arrival on their appointment date, including their vehicle’s make and model, year, and even their budget range for new tires.

Plan your campaigns and launch early, create eye-catching landing pages, prepare your website for the season now. Get in touch with us to learn more!