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Imagine if you had the best F&I manager in the country presenting your products, but it doesn’t sleep, call in sick, take vacation or take breaks for that matter. It doesn’t discriminate and never misses a single product feature while reducing presentation time by 50%. Welcome to the future of F&I!

Vicimus is proud to announce the launch of Bumper Finance.  This is a must-have support element for every dealership that will transform and improve your F&I process. 

Bumper Finance
Bumper Finance is a new product that has been tried and tested through the pandemic, bringing invaluable efficiencies, improvements and solutions to the traditional F&I process. Bumper Finance is a drop-in solution for your sales process, introducing a tablet-based exploration of F&I products for your customers. This product is not intended to replace your process, but rather supplement it and provide an always-available F&I solution at the tap of a screen. When your F&I managers are busy, sick, vacationing or otherwise occupied, Bumper Finance will deliver all your product options to the customer, all without leaving the dealership.

Bumper Finance gives your customers access to all the products you sell, broken down into appealing payments that they can easily add to their pending deal. As the customer browses the products in comfort, they’re presented with carefully crafted videos on each product, insurance and even accessories, giving them the best presentation every time. Whether you are adding Bumper Finance to your existing process or using it to build a new process, you know your customers are being presented with every product, every time.

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