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Ad policies keep changing like a prospect’s mindset and the landscape goes 0 to 60 in no time. As a marketer, it’s important for you to stay up-to-speed and adapt in order to engage your Facebook audiences effectively.

At the beginning of 2020, Facebook modified its ad policy by creating specific distinctions for ads regarding the mention of housing, employment and credit. This was first introduced on Facebook as a way to prevent discrimination as it relates to advertisers.

This news was specifically important for the automotive industry as it pertains to Facebook ads involving credit. The change states that any mention of rates or finance offers will immediately have your ad classified into the ‘special ad’ category. This category limits any advertiser from targeting an audience based on age, gender, or postal code. Facebook will also remove detailed targeting options based on demographics or behaviours and, because of this, the ability to create custom lookalike audiences as well.

Now this is not new information by any means in regards to Facebook marketing, but it’s about to get a lot more restricted in the next few months. A new change coming to Facebook states that not only will your ad be deemed a ‘special category’ if the ad references credit, but now if the landing page you have connected to the ad does the same, your ad will still be flagged within that category.

Dealers can still send traffic to the listing pages and display pages, but if they do that, with rates added onto the pages, it will need to be marked as special category, which means the targeting options are removed. 

You can still disseminate finance information on your website, whether it’s the homepage or new vehicle special pages. But going forward, every dealer will need to check the special ad category box while setting up their Facebook ad if there’s a mention of credit rates.

Now that’s a hurdle if you don’t have Bumper. So, get Bumper.

Using Bumper Ads to launch a campaign on Facebook will allow you to create specific offer pages or event pages that will give your dealership a leading edge on Facebook marketing. Bumper Ads gives you the option to create custom landing pages, which are linked to all Facebook ads, to enhance your message and remove all reference to rates or credit, while still having your desired VLP/VDPs one click away. The webpages will also allow you to add additional content and information to provide higher engagement with your campaign overall.

So, the road ahead is smooth and profitable, simply sign up for Bumper, put your deals on the table and hit the ground running towards your targets!

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