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An up-to-date blog has great value as a digital marketing tool for your dealership and is an important channel for attracting new customers. Blogs can serve to establish employees as true authorities on the vehicles and services they are selling, helping to strengthen customer confidence and boost online conversions.

If you are like most dealers, you know that blogging is important, you just don’t know where to begin. Try these 5 successful blogging topics and you’ll be on your way to creating an effective new blog for your dealership!


Blog About Local Events

Blogging about local events in your community is high visibility subject to share with your readers. When consumers search for those local events, they may also come across your blog! You can also use your blog to talk about events your dealership is involved with, like a holiday canned food drive or other charity events to bring more awareness to the cause.


Blog About Your Customers

Your customers are proud of their brand new vehicles and are often excited to share their new-car joy! Write a blog, with photos, about your happy new client and use the opportunity to discuss the different features they love and how much they enjoyed the experience of dealing with your team. Future customers will appreciate it. Blogging about your customers can provide you with a wealth of blog content. Just ensure that you have their permission before you post.


Blog About Industry News

There is always something exciting your manufacturer is doing and their successes provide you with a variety of topics that consumers who are in-market are searching for. Share new vehicle debuts, national or international auto shows, product reviews by industry experts or revolutionary technologies! Blogging about the accomplishments of your OEM helps build brand confidence for your readers.


Blog About Car Questions

Even when you go to great lengths to explain to your customer during the delivery, all they were thinking about was driving off the lot! Use your dealership blog to answer your customer’s common car questions like step-by-step instructions on how to sync a phone with Bluetooth. Some questions will be specific to each model. That’s what makes the content valuable to consumers. You should be the authority on the vehicle they’ve purchased.


Blog About Service Reminders

Blog about your service department and use the blog to suggest popular services. For example, discuss the importance of vehicle alignment, the benefits of snow tires or provide a seasonal maintenance check-list. This type of content will encourage your customers to return for service and generate more service appointments!