Created with Bumper
  • 1815 Invites Sent (8 Campaigns)
  • 827 Unique Opens
  • 96 Engaged Leads
  • 136 Warm Leads
  • 64 Hot Leads
  • 8.24 Average Conversion Rate

Using micro targeted Tire Sale campaigns this dealership used Bumper to send out 8 versions of their sale communication. Offering an Alignment Offer and Brake Offers with tire purchase, Service Hours PDF download and a Winter Tire PDF download – they gave their customers clear and simple but valuable content to digest quickly leading to 296 total generated Leads.

The highest conversion rate for these campaigns was 21.26 % with the lowest being 5.51 %. However, they did greatly increase their amount sold compared to the previous winter tire season


Chevrolet Winter Sale logo
Chevrolet Winter Sale Bumper Campaign
GMC New Year Sale logo
GMC New Year Sale Bumper Campaign
Buick New Year Sale logo
Buick New Year Sale Bumper Campaign
Hyundai Clearance Event logo
Hyundai Clearance Event Bumper Campaign
KIA 10 Day Sale Event logo
KIA 10 Day Sale Event Bumper Campaign
VW Loyalty Event logo
VW Loyalty Event Bumper Campaign
Kia Service Campaigns logo
Kia Service Campaigns Bumper Campaign
Hyundai Palisade Campaign logo
Hyundai Palisade Campaign Bumper Campaign