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  • 1100 Invites Delivered
  • 539 Invite Opens
  • 132 Engaged Leads
  • 52 Warm Leads
  • 44 Hot Leads
  • 8.01 % Conversion Rate

Highly personalized and targeted winter campaign focused on rewarding customers for their loyalty as part of Volkswagen’s Short But Mighty Sale.


Chevrolet Winter Sale logo
Chevrolet Winter Sale Bumper Campaign
GMC New Year Sale logo
GMC New Year Sale Bumper Campaign
Buick New Year Sale logo
Buick New Year Sale Bumper Campaign
Hyundai Clearance Event logo
Hyundai Clearance Event Bumper Campaign
KIA 10 Day Sale Event logo
KIA 10 Day Sale Event Bumper Campaign
Kia Service Campaigns logo
Kia Service Campaigns Bumper Campaign
VW Tire Sale logo
VW Tire Sale Bumper Campaign
Hyundai Palisade Campaign logo
Hyundai Palisade Campaign Bumper Campaign