Created with Bumper
  • 313 Letters - 19 Direct Visits
  • 248 Emails - 115 Unique Opens
  • 6 Engaged Leads
  • 2 Warm Leads
  • 9 Hot Leads

This dealership focused on service campaigns that leveraged Bumper’s automated Direct Mail combined with Emails to direct their customers to their personalized webpages. This was done as their regular service cycle for customers due for vehicle maintenance.

The campaigns featured multiple valuable content including Service Offers, Recommended Service PDF sheets, Inspection Reports, a Kia Service Tech Tips Video and the ability for customers to update their vehicle ownership – incase they no longer owned the vehicle listed in the stores database. Having this content allowed for the customers interactions to be better tracked as they engaged with content.


Chevrolet Winter Sale logo
Chevrolet Winter Sale Bumper Campaign
GMC New Year Sale logo
GMC New Year Sale Bumper Campaign
Buick New Year Sale logo
Buick New Year Sale Bumper Campaign
Hyundai Clearance Event logo
Hyundai Clearance Event Bumper Campaign
KIA 10 Day Sale Event logo
KIA 10 Day Sale Event Bumper Campaign
VW Loyalty Event logo
VW Loyalty Event Bumper Campaign
VW Tire Sale logo
VW Tire Sale Bumper Campaign
Hyundai Palisade Campaign logo
Hyundai Palisade Campaign Bumper Campaign