Created with Bumper
  • 294 Invites Delivered
  • 147 Emails Openned
  • 8 Engaged Leads
  • 6 Warm Leads
  • 11 Hot Leads
  • 25 Total Leads
  • 5.48 % Conversion Rate

This client actually broke their 10 day sale campaign into separate campaigns based on models and saw conversion rates as high as 7 % but sold more vehicles with the personalized campaigns. Proving small lifts with targeted prospects can make a real difference for incremental sales.

The campaign hosted a wealth of value with a service credit offer, loyalty bonus offer, a second bonus offer, a campaign video that loaded directly into their personal webpage and an NBA Raptors draw. Additionally they used the Update Ownership option – letting customers in their database let them know if they no longer owned the vehicle the dealership was targeting. This helped them clean their database in the process.

Throughout an 8-10 week period, this KIA Dealer, was been able to generate an average of 20 opportunities per Bumper Campaign. In total, over 5 campaigns, Bumper, has been able to generate 100 new opportunities for the Dealership by utilizing existing CRM data to target specific customers.



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Chevrolet Winter Sale Bumper Campaign
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GMC New Year Sale Bumper Campaign
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Buick New Year Sale Bumper Campaign
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Hyundai Clearance Event Bumper Campaign
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