Created with Bumper
  • 3883 Delivered Invites
  • 1783 Emails Opened
  • 322 Engaged Leads
  • 81 Warm Leads
  • 47 Hot Leads
  • 11.5 % Conversion Rate

Throughout 8 weeks, Woodstock Hyundai, was able to generate an average of 83 leads per Bumper Campaign, with an average conversion rate of 11.08%. The top performing campaign, ‘Final Clear out Days’, provided the sales department with 205 new opportunities in only a seven-day timeframe.

In total, over the  program, Bumper, has been able to generate 491 new opportunities for the Woodstock Hyundai Dealership by utilizing existing CRM data to target specific customers.

Utilizing a series of campaigns with evolved offers and designs they were able to stay fresh and consistent with the Clear-out event while offering more reasons for targeted customers to engage.

Campaigns included Free winter tires in October, discount winter tires with a $500 tire credit and a “Final Week” series of campaigns.


Chevrolet Winter Sale logo
Chevrolet Winter Sale Bumper Campaign
GMC New Year Sale logo
GMC New Year Sale Bumper Campaign
Buick New Year Sale logo
Buick New Year Sale Bumper Campaign
KIA 10 Day Sale Event logo
KIA 10 Day Sale Event Bumper Campaign
VW Loyalty Event logo
VW Loyalty Event Bumper Campaign
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Kia Service Campaigns Bumper Campaign
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VW Tire Sale Bumper Campaign
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Hyundai Palisade Campaign Bumper Campaign