Created with Bumper
  • 136 Invites Delivered
  • 75 Unique Opens
  • 16 Engaged Leads
  • 5 Warm Leads
  • 12 Hot Leads
  • 12.5 % Conversion Rate

Throughout an 8-10 week program, a Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Ltd Dealer, was been able to generate an average of 63 opportunities per Bumper Campaign.

In total, over the last eight to ten weeks, Bumper, has been able to generate 317 new opportunities for the Dealership by utilizing existing CRM data to target specific customers.


Chevrolet Winter Sale logo
Chevrolet Winter Sale Bumper Campaign
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GMC New Year Sale Bumper Campaign
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Hyundai Clearance Event Bumper Campaign
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KIA 10 Day Sale Event Bumper Campaign
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VW Loyalty Event Bumper Campaign
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Kia Service Campaigns Bumper Campaign
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VW Tire Sale Bumper Campaign
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Hyundai Palisade Campaign Bumper Campaign