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NADA: Keeping it Short & Simple

NADA: The Mecca of the automotive industry. Vegas’s ubiquitous bright lights draw thousands of industry leaders, manufacturers, and exhibitors to congregate in its unique atmosphere. It showcases the latest automotive product and technology trends while offering the opportunity to shake the hand of the one you only knew through their LinkedIn profile; an expo perfect for the goal Vicimus set out to achieve.

The goal was simple: solve dealer problems. It’s likely that’s every vendor’s goal at NADA (and rightfully so), but Vicimus was determined by demonstrating how our products take actionable measures to solving them – instead of speaking in hypotheticals.

“In some sense, it was a coming out event. To redefine what our products and services are about, and what they’re designed to do for dealers,” says Vicimus EVP & COO Morry Patoka. “A lot of work went to reaching out to dealerships in advance and highlighting what we’re doing that’s important while aligning it with what their priorities are as a business, and not just as a car dealership.”

NADA provided a venue for Vicimus to set up a booth to network with attendees allowing our regional sales and performance managers to give one-on-one product demos to address our client’s specific business needs. The responses were overwhelmingly positive, and after speaking with what feels like everyone at NADA, we noticed there was one dealer issue that trended throughout all our conversations: simplicity.


Keep It Simple Stupid. It’s a trend that doesn’t only apply to how we explain our product’s functionality, but the products themselves.

Vicimus Performance Manager, Tanya Gray, observed these concerns first-hand during her time at the booth, “Clients were looking for a tool that their staff will actually use. Dealers have multiple platforms for every area of their business: DMS, CRM, lead platforms, review platforms, inventory managers, photo tools, social media, and that’s just naming a few. There are countless different vendors automotive dealers manage on a daily basis, and dealers are hesitant to sign up for another platform at the risk of their staff not using the tool.”

Vicimus made it a point to succinctly get to the bottom line of every dealer problem and show how our products can save them time and make them money.

“Our products need to be easy. I have what I always thought was an unmeasurable benchmark, that in 30 minutes, we can train the receptionist of the dealership to use our Bumper direct marketing platform and deliver results effectively. Well, about 6 months ago, a rural dealership started using Bumper. Now, their receptionist is a true profit centre for the dealership; doing all their direct marketing using Bumper and is incredibly effective at delivering ROI every month. I’m very excited that we can deliver on that benchmark in a way that’s making a difference to the dealership,” says Morry.

A very important VIP party

The fun got started at NADA, and Vicimus kept the good times going by hosting our VIP party at the Encore Hotel’s luxury suite. The evening included the attendance of NADA Chairman, Mark Scarpelli, a wine tasting from Dakota Shy Winery, hors-d’oeuvres, but most importantly, the fantastic people that took the time to visit our booth.

“We wanted to create the proper engagement with the people we want to do business with. Part of that is socializing. Talking about who you are and what’s important to you, and what are your values. What’s really nice is that the people who joined us, everyone from small dealers to billion-dollar players, felt comfortable enough to let down their guard and just talk,” says Morry.

Thank you!

Vicimus wants to give a big thanks to all the fabulous people we met at NADA. We hope our conversations with you translate into longtime partnerships as we want to be part of your business’s success.

To learn more about Vicimus products and how they can solve your dealer problems, visit www.vicimus.com.

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