Want your numbers to skyrocket? Get a co-pilot! Want your numbers to skyrocket? Get a co-pilot!

Want your numbers to skyrocket? Get a co-pilot!

Sign up for Bumper today and get a dedicated Performance Manager for your dealership.

Allow yourself to be as hands-off as you like and spend time on the floor doing what you do best. Once you get a co-pilot onboard, you can relax and watch the experts at Vicimus plan and execute your marketing campaigns, whether it’s for conquest, service promotions or even repairs. Additionally, you will also receive custom creative support and comprehensive BDC service, if you opt for it.

We highly recommend this to dealerships looking to increase revenue across all departments. Running campaigns regularly is a great way to find, filter and follow the right leads, which further results in more walk-ins and conversions. That’s exactly what Vicimus can help with, even if you want to focus on multiple departments at a time. You just need to sign up for Bumper and watch your co-pilot steer those leads to your doorstep!



Once you go on Auto Pilot mode, your Performance Manager takes over to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for your dealership, based on available information exported from the CRM, and utilizes personal webpages, email, direct mail, SMS, RVM, Facebook and Google, to communicate.

Reoccurring Campaigns

When Auto Pilot is set-up for a dealership, Vicimus will work with your team to create a minimum of 3 reoccurring campaigns, across a minimum of 2 different departments. The campaigns and audience can vary by dealership, but these campaigns will be automated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


Unique graphics will be developed by the Vicimus team on a timely basis for all campaigns.

Strategic Consultation

Strategic consultation will be provided by your Performance Manager on an ongoing basis. Your co-pilot will continuously review all campaigns and discuss improvement opportunities, best practices and offer constructive feedback on all templates and messages.

Conquest Campaigns

Included in your Bumper subscription is Bumper Ads, a uniquely powerful tool which enables you to run ads on Facebook and reach a wider audience. Your Performance Manager can run these campaigns for you and help boost your walk-ins and conversions.

Additional Campaign Outreach

Your dedicated Performance Manager will continue to reach out to all department heads, on a monthly basis, to discuss additional campaigns that can be launched. These campaigns will not be set to reoccurring and will be dependent on the specific month, OEM promotions, and upcoming events.

Campaign suggestions include the following options:

  • New model launches
  • Parts Accessory Sales
  • Service promotions (detailing, oil change, or inspection discounts)
  • Tire changeover messages
  • Private Sales/Dealership events


Our expert BDC is available upon request, for an additional fee. The BDC can be utilized for all reoccurring campaigns and non-reoccurring campaigns. The BDC can either follow-up with an entire invite list from a campaign, or only follow-up with opportunities generated within Bumper. For those dealerships utilizing the Auto Pilot feature, there will be no minimum invite requirements for the BDC centre.

The specifics of the BDC (scripts, purpose, goals) will vary per dealership and will be discussed on a per-campaign basis.

Dealership Training

Your co-pilot will continuously provide the dealership with product training. Training will consist of individual account training for new hires (including but not limited to department heads and staff responsible for lead follow-up), and training on product development.

When a new functionality is launched on Bumper, the Performance Manager will alert the dealership of the new features and how it can benefit the dealer within any existing campaigns. A full in-depth training on the new functionality will be provided within the quarterly strategy sessions with the dealership.


Dealership department heads will receive a monthly status report on the success of any and all campaigns run through Bumper. The reports will include campaign performance across all mediums and the results generated from each campaign.

Strategy Sessions

Monthly strategy sessions will be requested by your Performance Manager. This meeting will recap the previous month’s campaign performance and discuss any recommended non-reoccurring campaigns to be launched for the current month.

Quarterly strategy sessions, held between all department heads and the Vicimus team, will include the following topics:

  • Campaign reporting & analysis
  • Improvement opportunities
  • Suggested plan for upcoming quarter
  • New Bumper feature overview
  • Additional Vicimus services to utilize

Our performance manager. Your co-pilot.

Bumper Co-Pilot
Pricing Plans Pricing Plans

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Bumper Starter


  • 250 FREE personal webpages, ringless voicemails, SMS & email each month.
  • 60 Monthly Minutes of performance management.
  • Onboarding & Training
    $999 one-time fee.
  • Unlimited personal webpages, ringless voicemails, SMS, email & full service performance management for your 1st full month ONLY.
  • Send Direct Mail at $2.29 per letter.
    $0.49 per ringless voicemail, $0.49 per SMS, $0.49 per additional personalized webpage (after 250 monthly limit).
  • PLUS ACCESS TO BUMPER ADS. 25% of Ad Spend Per Campaign.
  • All subscription packages are on a 12-month contract.
Bumper Standard


  • Unlimited personal webpages, ringless voicemail, SMS & email.
  • 60 Monthly minutes of performance management.
  • Onboarding & Training $999 one-time fee.
  • Send Direct Mail at $2.29 per letter.
  • PLUS ACCESS TO BUMPER ADS. 25% of Ad Spend Per Campaign.
  • All subscription packages are on a 12-month contract.
Bumper Ads


  • Includes Access to Bumper Ads and Bumper Retention on a pay-as-you-go basis.
  • Standard Rates Apply
    $0.49 per personal webpage.
    $0.49 per ringless voicemail.
    $0.49 per SMS.
    $2.89 per mailed letter with personal webpage.
  • Onboarding & Training $999 one-time fee.
  • All subscription packages are on a 12-month contract.
Bundled Package


  • Includes Access to the Bumper platform with a Standard Subscription ($599/mo value).
  • PLUS
    • Bumper Ads Unlimited Bumper Ad campaigns, customized webpages, ringless voicemail, email & SMS.
  • PLUS Access to Bumper Ads. 10% of Ad Spend per campaign.
  • BEST VALUE: Save up to 20% when bundled!
  • Onboarding & Training $999 one-time fee.
Pay-As-You-Go Membership


  • Includes access to the Bumper platform.
  • Standard Rates Apply
    $0.49 per personal webpage.
    $0.49 per ringless voicemail.
    $0.49 per SMS.
    $2.89 per mailed letter with personal webpage.
  • $500 per Strategy Session with a Performance Manager
  • PLUS ACCESS TO BUMPER ADS. 30% of Ad Spend Per Campaign