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August Sales Drivers to Bump Up Your Revenue

Todd Lawson

Make the last month of the summer the highlight of your sales season with campaign strategies that have proven successful for dealerships who use Bumper extensively each month.

As the adage goes: plan today, live tomorrow. For dealerships though, it’s nearly impossible to plan for the future when the present is mercilessly staring you down. It’s a reactionary, unpredictable environment that gets your adrenaline pumping so hard Red Bull should drink you to give them wings.

Your intentions are good, but even the most obvious details are overlooked when those endorphins are racing, resulting in missed opportunities and poor customer service. Here’s your chance to stop. Take a deep breath. And plan.

Sales department

It’s that time of year to unroll that red carpet for your soon-arriving new model vehicles. The good news: everyone loves the latest and greatest. The bad news: everyone loves the latest and greatest. Your previous year’s models are still on the lot and will appear glaringly obsolete next to your new inventory.

Bumper’s “We Want Your Trade” template targets high-resale vehicle owners in your database and can get them into your latest model with a great offer. A true win-win opportunity.

Service department

It’s not often we see customers with the foresight to prepare their vehicles before Jack Frost nips at their tires. And when he does, your service department will be overloaded – and overworked – with the spike in wintertime appointments.

Bumper’s “Service Loyalty” and “Pre-Winter Promotion” templates balance your service department’s time and accommodate more walk-ins.

Launch-ready OEM campaigns

We don’t want to ignite any PTSD symptoms by drumming up the feeling of checking your inbox and clicking on an email from your OEM sales manager marked as urgent, alerting you of a promotion starting that same day, but we have a solution.

Now, before you go all Wayne-Campbell-we’re-not-worthy on us, hear us out. Bumper now has pre-loaded OEM email campaigns giving you the competitive edge being first to market. It’s party time. Excellent.

Five Monthly Bumper Templates

It’s hard to steady the momentum of your summer sales tidal wave deep into the winter months, but to that, we say, “Surfs up!” Bumper has five templates to boost monthly sales for all your departments:

  1. Unsold Prospects: Targets unsold prospects within your sales department.
  2. Welcome Email: Introduces recently sold customers to everything your dealership offers and invites them or a second delivery experience.
  3. Lapsed Service: Targets customers whose vehicle hasn’t been serviced in a while.
  4. Warranty Expiring: Target customers with an expiring factory warranty and didn’t purchase an extended warranty at delivery.
  5. We Want Your Trade: (See above.)

The proof is in the video

If a picture says a thousand words, you can imagine how much a video has to say. Vicimus Performance Manager, Tanya Gray, shares a dealership’s success story by using Bumper and like all our dealerships using Bumper, they are prepared.

Click here to see Tanya’s Bumper Success Story Video.

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