We have humble beginnings. It started by working in a dealer group and recognizing how software was not solving all the right problems. Among the many challenges of learning how to use the tools, everyone also had to change their workflow, making it a frustrating time with little to show in terms of ROI. The light bulb went off. “We can build it better!”

So, in 2010, Vicimus was born to build solutions to solve the right problems, and adapt our products to the dealerships’ workflows rather than the other way around. Over the years, we have built, tested, torn apart, rebuilt and enhanced software solutions for automotive marketing, sales and retail operations. We focus on the consumer experience and the admin user experience equally to ensure great software tools are actually utilized by the people who put them to work every day.

Our reach extends from North America to overseas where we have sister companies in data management and automotive consulting. Together, we work to elevate how businesses operate and thrive in the automotive industry, and to carry our products into new markets where we can solve their problems while learning new ways to make our solutions better, smarter, and easier to use.