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Steve Southin

VP, Product

Steve’s background has been extremely hands-on with a decade of designing and developing technology combined with over twenty years of automotive dealer operations. This rare combination provides a talent for designing automotive software built with deep user empathy. He has an awarded ability to deliver original automotive solutions with user experiences that seamlessly fit a dealer’s workflow, problems and persona. Steve is very passionate about developing software to not only empower dealers to sell more cars, he also strives to assist them to improve their customers’ purchasing and ownership experiences through better use of technology.

About Steve Southin

In 1993, Steve started his entry into car sales at the early age of 18. At a time when he had to first learn how to do retention marketing by accessing his dealership’s database using a dot metric printer and personally hand-writing customer invitations.

Steve’s automotive path was driven by his passion to do things differently and with a strong focus on the pre-owned operations within franchised dealerships. Leaving the sales floor behind to become the first ever Used Car Manager at Kingston Honda, he created the used car department from scratch to become one of Honda Canada’s top 3 CPO dealers nationally for four years in a row with sales exceeding 700 units per year (selling 2 used for every 1 new).

Armed with this extensive used car knowledge he left the showroom to explore wholesale remarketing opening his sights globally as he pioneered national and global wholesale opportunities by moving used vehicles throughout markets within Canada, the USA, Russia, Finland and the Caribbean.

Wholesale gave Steve the insights he needed in 2005 to develop his first automotive technology CarFusion. CarFusion was the industry’s first solution that empowered dealers to appraise and wholesale their trades instantly by using their mobile phones. He successfully sold CarFusion shortly after his initial launch.

Steve’s return to retail in 2007 was his pursuit of the successful transformation of Kingston Volkswagen/Audi of Kingston, a low volume dealership that had huge untapped potential. Within three years Steve tripled the store’s sales volumes for new and used while drastically increasing their profits and CSI ratings through improved customer experiences by implementing the processes he designed. His time with this dealership helped him to gain the New Vehicle and Fixed Operations experience he needed to round out his automotive operations knowledge. With this he was ready to move onto launch his next automotive solution – creating the self-managed retention marketing platform for dealers, the Bumper App.

Where do you see the future of the industry heading.

Since 1995 the discussion on the sales floor at many dealerships was that consumers are going to start buying cars 100% online.


Take Control

Posted on November 27, 2013
by Steven Southin

Upgrade sales or private sales events have been a staple marketing practice in auto retailing for as long as dealers have been selling cars.



At Vicimus I see our product department as a team of highly creative and original thinkers who are passionate about finding unique solutions that help to push our industry and are embraced by our users, as these products are extraordinary yet they still feel ordinary from being made-to-measure to fit our dealers and their customers.


  • 2002 Honda Canada Grand Master Sales Manager Award
  • 2003 Honda Canada Grand Master Sales Manager Award
  • 2004 Honda Canada Grand Master Sales Manager Award
  • 2015 AWA Marketing Innovation Award

Ice the Competition

Posted on September 16, 2015
by Steven Southin

Why you need retention marketing for the win.


Got My MBA The Summer I Failed Grade 3

Posted on November 28, 2013
by Steven Southin

While looking out my school bus window coming home on June 25th 1984, no matter how hard I tried to be tough I couldn’t hold back my tears on that last day of school.



  • Over two decdes of hands-on retail/wholesale automotive management
  • Franchise experience with Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Volkswagen and Audio


  • Founder of the industry's first smartphone dealer-to-dealer vehicle remarketing platform CarFusion in 2006.
  • Founder of the industry's first dealer managed retention marketing platform Bumper App In.c

Committed to inspiring and guiding bootstrap entrepreneurs and the education and unlocking of software developers in Cambodia and Vietnam.

The number one thing the auto industry has given me - friends for life.

Committed to inspiring and guiding bootstrap entrepreneurs and the education and unlocking of software developers in Cambodia and Vietnam.

Ice The Competition

September 16, 2015

On my second day as a salesperson in the car business, my sales manager explained the rules of survival would be to watch the lot...(Read More)

United States Bound

March 21, 2016

Ready to expand your market to the U.S? Use these 10 tips to counter the impact of a weaker dollar on the Canadian used vehicle market....(Read More)

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