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Morry Patoka


Morry is a business builder. His experience working for, running or consulting with all kinds of companies from start-ups to multinationals, has given Morry a rare and comprehensive insight into what it takes to create the conditions for success. He digs into finance as much as marketing; dissects operations with as much energy as he guides strategy. Since his beginnings as a creative guy in the ad world, he has managed a tech company, a private equity firm, and a digital marketing company, among many other roles and contributions to private, public and government organizations. Today, as EVP & COO of Vicimus, Morry is focused on establishing the foundation of the business to grow globally with quality products that solve real problems throughout all tiers of the auto industry.

About Morry Patoka

Morry’s experience with automotive goes way, way back to his first job, writing, producing and directing television commercials. Not the big budget manufacturer ads. We’re talking local dealer commercials that represented the essence of the car business – cars, deals and personalities that are still bigger than life.

Later in his career, Morry worked with auto manufacturers on interactive one-to-one communication programs, when data-driven CRM strategies were being deployed through direct mail and the internet was just becoming, the internet. Even today, his data-driven strategies are leading the way to smarter consumer engagement and better ROI.

Some years later, Morry embraced the opportunity to go deep into automotive, working with Dashboard, an automotive digital agency, to evolve their services model into a SaaS company. From that point, he was fully back in the car business, working with vendors, consulting for dealer groups and happily, here at Vicimus.

Where do you see the future of the industry heading.

As consumer purchasing behaviour evolves, we’re working to enable the right people within the industry to more effectively work with consumers throughout their journey. We build for the global marketplace, and deliver locally to create meaningful connections between the people who make, sell, service and buy cars.

Take Control

Posted on January 14, 2016
by Morry Patoka

Your dealership’s brand is more than your logo. It’s more than your name, your tag line, your marketing program or the look of your advertising. It’s also more than your OEM’s brand and nameplates you carry.



It is essential for us, as the executive team, to be people focused. Get the right people doing what they do best. Stay closely linked and accountable to our customers. Get things done right today, and always keep working on what’s next.

Defrost Winter Car Sales

Posted on January 14, 2016
by Morry Patoka

Simple strategies to get customers out of the house and into your dealership


"Morry is a rare blend of a strategic visionary leader that is matched by a focused driven results based tactical mind. I had the pleasure of working for and alongside Morry.."


Where's the money?

Posted on November 11, 2015
by Morry Patoka

Car dealers are searching for ROI from their digital marketing spend but looking in the wrong place for the answers.


"Morry is a tremendous leader who's balance of connection, collaboration and a successful business track record creates the most meaningful results for his teams and the business."

Size Matters

Posted on September 11, 2015
by Morry Patoka

If you aren’t offering a mobile-first experience, what are you waiting for?


"I recommend engaging Morry Patoka to help you understand how to improve your business now and to put in place the building blocks for meaningful growth."


"The first time I worked with Morry was, and this is a bit frightening to say, 1988. What struck me back then and continues to this day, is Morry’s unique perspective on strategy.."


Words by Morry

Press Release: Vicimus Moves Forward

June 28, 2017

TORONTO, Canada; June 16, 2017 – A little over one year ago, we began our […]

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Take Control

February 16, 2016

Your dealership’s brand is more than your logo. It’s more than your name, your tag line, your marketing program or the look of your advertising. It’s also more than your OEM’s brand and nameplates you carry. While your dealership’s brand should...(Read More)

Defrost Winter Car Sales

January 14, 2016

Brrr… and I’m not just referring to the temperature. Vehicle sales numbers tend to get pretty frosty this time of year, as well. Cold winter days reduce traffic at dealerships Yet despite typically aggressive incentives and special offers from...(Read More)

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