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David Hyland

VP, Sales

David began his automotive career over 25 years ago. Starting with Nissan Canada, David worked with the OEMs’ training program to train dealership sales staff on competitor vehicles, where his love for automotive training began. From there he moved to the dealership world and was very successful in many sales and management positions. 5 years ago David left retail and engrossed himself in vendor relations, selling and supporting dealers around the world in SaaS, Social and Data Mining software.

About David Hyland

David grew up in Ireland, where you had two choices after graduating from high school; you either continued with post-academics or you turned to the trades. Always feeling comfortable building things with his hands and working hard to turn his natural ability into a craft, David turned to construction as a trade, right up until his father moved to Canada.

After moving to Canada, David began working for Nissan Canada and spent the next two years training salespeople on competitive models through Nissan University, travelling the country and meeting with Dealers. In this role, he had an opportunity to work at one of the stores in a pilot program on how to train new salespeople. It was in this moment that David fell in love with the car business and began to understand that his future career path was going to be in automotive.

Transferring over to a new position in sales at a large automotive group, David was a natural fit, earning a Summit award as one of the top 10 salespersons across Canada. Just as David dove into mastering the trades, he took a professional approach to sales, looking at opportunities on a day-to-day basis at the dealership he was continually prospecting for new clients, looking at traffic within the service department and always making sure people were happy with the dealership at all contact points.

David was obsessive on building CSI and improving customer satisfaction. Helping the customer was his principle focus in everything he did and this approach consistently gave him his biggest lift in sales month after month.

Wanting to further understand the business, David moved from sales and into the service department, where he worked as a service writer and assistant service manager. His goal was to get an understanding of the workings of the dealership with hopes of moving up further, potentially into a GM position.

Well, he didn’t move into an anticipated GM role, as he found a very comfortable home in F&I, where his skills in customer service provided a great foundation for the next 15 years of his automotive career. During this period, he worked with many different dealerships including Ford, Chrysler, Nissan and Volvo.

After decades in the automotive business, David took a break and moved away from it, going back to his roots opening an interior design construction company. This lasted for five years, but as everybody knows the car business is hard to get out and he was offered a great role to get him back into a dealership. David said that what brought him back was the thrill of the hunt, closing deals and getting great ROI in addition to being part of great team spirit that Dealerships seem to have.

David went to a Ford store and worked in their finance department for the next three years. Being older with three kids now and working Saturdays nights made him rethink his career, but he still loved the industry. So David took the plunge and went into the vendor side where he could still service dealerships, starting off with F&I training and then getting into data mining. I just saw a whole new world open from the experience I’ve had over the last 20 years in the business and how I could utilize that data to make things better, said David.

Today, David takes his dealership experience and uses it to help dealers understand technology as an enabler for success, growth and change.

Where do you see the future of the industry heading.

The industry is evolving constantly and the technology in automotive is for many dealers, hard to keep up with. Finding ways to keep the tech without hindering the day to day selling of vehicles is achieved through intelligent programs that are easy to use.



My responsibility as the VP of Sales is find and hire the most talented staff that will bring cutting edge products to great dealers around North America, included in my role Network Development, this is to maintain the highest level of customer service to our dealer base.

In God we trust, everyone else must provide data.

With the years spent in the dealership world, I feel being able to create and advise on sales and service process combined with a strong knowledge of data would be my strongest asset.


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