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Accelerating the digital and
technology transformation
in automotive.

Vicimus is an automotive software company with a boutique approach to customer service,
an enterprise approach to software, a regional approach to design and a global approach to
strategy. We create solutions that accelerate your business through a deeper understanding
of the consumer journey, and the tools to influence and engage those consumers for
actionable insights and conversion along the way.

When you bring the right
personalities around a singular
vision, magic happens.

As the industry specialist in strategy and software-as-a-service (SaaS) for the automotive sector, Vicimus brings a global group of real-world auto executives, software & automation experts, award-winning brand advertising & marketing minds, retail industry accelerators, and proven performers in business consulting and growth strategy into the same room... to work on your business.

Taking Care of you is easy with the faces and voices of Vicimus

The faces and voices of Vicimus are focused on helping you grow your business, every day.

Our Brain Trust

Thought leadership contributes significantly to the people we work for, and work with.

The Vicimus "All-In" mentality informs how we speak to the ideas and philosophies of the people and personalities behind Vicimus. We're “All-In” because our success is measured by more than the success of our clients, but also the success of our people. It’s the open and collaborative nature of our company that leads us to excel and innovate. We expect our team to be diverse, not just collectively, but individually as well.

Don’t be surprised if our UX designer has a strong knowledge about car sales or if our CEO starts talking to you about the color palette of your website, because at Vicimus, our team offers more than what you would expect in any given position. We’re more than the sum of our parts. Every single project, we give it all we’ve got. We’re all in.

We're not interested in making
people work with our software.
It's the other way around.

Our focus is to innovate and reimagine both technology and associated processes for all Tiers in the auto industry. And we’re thinking globally.

Imagine bringing together the brightest minds, from a diverse range of fields and disciplines who make the automotive industry work, and then adding some minds from outside the industry as well. We’ve done just that, including top marketing minds... award-winning brand and advertising executives... profit-proven retail industry accelerators... and real-world software and automation experts.

We take these diverse minds and collaborate to build and create new ideas and platforms that solve real problems experienced by OEM’s, Associations, Dealer Groups and single Dealerships. Most important, we look to be more relevant and engaging for consumers experiencing the automotive journey.

We can’t promise to have all the answers to the Industry’s problems, but we do have an ability to ask different questions, look with different perspectives and listen with open ears, together. We do this to better understand the consumer journey and find opportunities throughout the journey to develop global platforms that can be relevant to all consumers, regardless of their place in the journey or the region where they live.

Now imagine having this team working on your behalf, every day.

Welcome to vLab.

Think we share
the same DNA?
Got an idea?

We are always looking for talent and like-minded people to collaborate with. If you think you’ve got what it takes to be part of our winning team, check out our Careers page for current openings.

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