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Double the sales leads with regional allocation to spare

When Nissan Canada’s existing web provider was no longer meeting their requirements for a global web platform, they were introduced to Dashboard’s team (now a branch of Vicimus) with the goal of creating a short-term, responsive web solution while Nissan put finishing touches on a global roll-out that was in the works.

But to Nissan’s surprise, the team’s speed and agility resulted in a cost-effective, short-term solution that’s actually lasted for years, eventually working well beyond their original Tier-2 needs. Designed as a country-wide platform to support the OEM’s dealer network in Canada, the website at www.ChooseNissan.ca provides direct consumer access to retail promotions, incentives and rebate programs that the auto manufacturer advertises with regional TV, radio and print ads across the country.

An unexpected benefit

Fortunately, the auto manufacturer realized an additional benefit with ChooseNissan.ca for expanding their consumer touch points, since the site bolsters Nissan’s offensive and defensive strategies for organic and paid search. The extra web presence fills out additional search results with on-target, actionable promotions, helping the manufacturer to compete for engaged and in-market web visitors.

But the core value of this 2nd-tier site goes right back to collecting customer leads simply and effectively, giving the auto manufacturer a high-impact platform to distribute those leads throughout their dealer network. Because www.ChooseNissan.ca offers nothing but their current promotions, the site allows Nissan to generate customer traffic, while directly monitoring their advertising to low-funnel consumers ready to buy.

A national solution to regional differences

As any national advertiser knows, offers will change by region based on different laws and mandates. So by also having the separation that this Tier 2 site creates, you’re able to manage those unique laws and considerations by province. The site is actually managed independently by the agencies in different regions. Of course, Nissan controls the overall pricing of their offers, but since offers even change between each province and even individual regions, the different groups across Canada can control those variables.

Top of the list for us when we work on this type of project is to increase positive consumer perception of our client’s brand. For example, Canada allows weekly and bi-weekly lease payments, so many of the other car manufacturers were advertising weekly lease rates that seemed much less expensive when compared to Nissan’s identical monthly pricing.

So a recent wave of site updates incorporated those weekly dollar amounts, keeping consumers on the site with competition-aware pricing models. Our system is extremely flexible, allowing the OEM and regional agents to select what type of money offer they want. From one vehicle to the next, it could be cash pricing, lease payments, weekly payments… but the website we developed allows many different options, and the manufacturer can control exactly how those price offers show up. It makes an extremely complex behind-the-scenes tool very simple to use, for viewers and OEMs alike.

Continuing to adjust and modify the site based on people’s interactions with its content, the team discovered that people were typically focusing on only one or two places on a page, such as clicking to the top to get to a form and viewing offer details. So we made the form instantly accessible, built additional secondary offers into hover states, and further optimized for mobile cleanup to reduce clicks in several places. Based on visitor’s interactions, we removed barriers as Nissan’s site evolved into a simple -3-page display.

Fortunately, all of this specialized thinking is continually applied directly into all of our Glovebox VDPs, other dealer sites Vicimus creates, and the various and flexible ways we display offers on all of them. Along with that, we’ve designed an assortment of digital and dollar symbols to comply with countless fonts, numbers and legal rules you’ll encounter.

The DNA ultimately gets pulled into Glovebox features, too

Any OEM or dealer using Glovebox for their web platform ends up with a premium, custom-made site that’s fully compliant with their OEM’s standards, their second-tier demands for regional accuracy, and the look and branding presence they want. So every Glovebox customer benefits from our automotive-industry specialization and experiences.
In this case, when we completed a wave of refreshes to adjust functionality, forms and page layout on Nissan’s site a couple of years ago, the number of average incoming monthly leads doubled. After analysing why those increases happened, we continue to incorporate those proven advantages into Glovebox, ensuring all vehicle pages benefit.
Along the way, we’ve listened very carefully to Nissan’s challenges and demands, and adapted our products and processes to learn from their needs. That keeps us going, and it pushes the product, too.

The best part is, we now have so much more possibility in Glovebox for OEMs and dealers, as our platform evolves as a purpose-built solution for the automotive industry. Our work with OEMs and groups allows us to look at levels of integration that are extremely valuable to all tiers.

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