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A record month of sales for this dealership
from a VIP loyalty sales event.


With the need to get consumers on the lot quickly with a VIP Loyalty Sale to meet their monthly targets – and without spending a big budget by using the third-party sales event promoter they usually used – this Honda dealer turned to Bumper for a rapid activation at low cost. Rather than be delayed weeks to kick-off the event and miss the pre-winter car-buying rush they jumped at the chance to take the newest version of Bumper (Version 2.0) for a test drive as soon as we released it.

Backed by a Bumper Performance Manager, the dealership’s Sales Manager used Bumper’s filtering tool to select a group of 1,029 customers from their database to target. Next they selected a built-in Loyalty Event template to personalize – which like all Bumper templates features a professionally written and designed package including a direct mail letter, email, and personalized webpage (PURL). After a review they were able to launch their first campaign in just one click and sit back, allowing Bumper’s fully automated process to handle all printing, postage, PURL generation, and email deployment.

By the time the month was finished, the dealership had generated 74 leads for their VIP Loyalty Sale, selling an additional 17 cars as a result of spending only $2,459 on the entire campaign and generating a gross profit of $27,607. Not bad for one day of effort to create and launch the campaign!

It was their best selling month of the year and helped them keep on track for an overall yearly target.

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