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Press Release: Vicimus Moves Forward


TORONTO, Canada; June 16, 2017 – A little over one year ago, we began our mission to merge Dashboard into Vicimus (www.vicimus.com). Now that we have successfully completed the transition, Barry Hillier, former Owner of Dashboard, is leaving Vicimus to pursue other opportunities.

Khalid Kadrie, Vicimus CEO & President, comments, “We have gained a great deal working together over this important period to ensure that our company vision, and the product plans that will propel us forward, are firmly in place. Barry’s contribution and partnership throughout this chapter is greatly appreciated and valued. We wish Barry good fortune and much success as he embarks on his next journey.”

Together with our experienced management team, and all of our incredible, talented people at Vicimus, we are confident, excited and energized about our future.

Bumper, our one-to-one retention marketing platform continues to evolve with new features being introduced to increase results and now a full-service option for dealerships who want to simply leave the driving to us. Bumper has proven results from hundreds of dealers, who launched 2,240 campaigns to over 1,344,000 recipients – and generated over 73,000 leads that converted into deals worth over $20 million dollars in gross profit. According to Aaron Drake of Gus Revenberg Automotive Family, “Our results have been excellent. Within a VERY short time, the leads come rolling in! Bumper can be used for any dealer of any size due to its scalability and ease of use.”

Our launch of the newest version of Glovebox was very gratifying. Within the first week we received positive feedback from many clients, one of whom just told us it’s “200% better!” than their previous website provider. Coming soon, Glovebox is releasing new feature sets, more ready-to-roll themes and as always, as much customization as dealers want at their fingertips.
New production introductions are scheduled for 2017 as Vicimus continues to build smart, easy-to-use solutions that solve dealers’ real problems.


Vicimus Inc. is a privately owned automotive solutions software company with a boutique approach to customer service, an enterprise approach to software, a regional approach to design and a global approach to strategy. We solve car dealers’ problems with smart, easy-to-use software solutions that deliver results for marketing, sales and retail operations.


For dealerships interested in our Beta Program, or to speak with us directly, please contact Morry Patoka, EVP & COO, morry@vicimus.com.


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