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Our strategic thinking, intelligent design and real-world automotive experience are a powerful addition to your team.

The brain trust at Vicimus creates strategies and software-as-a-service (SaaS) products to shape and revitalize the auto industry. Every part of it. We recognize that bleeding edge solutions don’t increase market share today, just as we recognize that the future is coming at us faster than ever before. This is why Vicimus remains on the leading-edge while understanding how today’s bleeding edge technology will become industry standard tomorrow.

Vicimus remains at the forefront of change by constantly adapting our perspectives and technology based on changing trends, technologies and consumer expectations. Our team stays on top of these things, so you can stay ahead of the competition.

We maintain a global perspective. Our understanding of the consumer journey is informed by our past experience creating marketing campaigns and technology for retail, CPG, Banking and Business-to-Business sectors, in addition to the automotive sector. This collective experience allows Vicimus to understand and predict broad consumer expectations through technology, people and processes across a global view while applying that understanding to regional cultures and local business realities.

Our Technology

The Vicimus team creates technology that is built on an open platform, not on closed systems with hidden IP and dubious claims of data ownership. We apply a global user experience with standardized interface designs across all of our products to provide the same user experience from our retail operations solutions as our marketing and retention systems. Once you use one of our products, every other product will be inherently familiar to you in use, design and function. Training time reduced. Adoption and utilization goes up. Results improve faster!

We recognize that dealer groups, associations, distributors and OEM’s want global solutions with varying levels of control and customization regionally, giving local dealerships the ability to do what it takes to grow their business. The modular design of our platform and products, puts control into the right hands in your organization.

Feel like your website is flat? It’s time you changed it.

Glovebox is a Content Management System (CMS) that powers a gorgeous, eye-catching website to grab your consumer’s attention, and convert them into quality leads. It’s the in-house web designer you wish you had, with simple, easy-to-use controls to keep your website at peak performance.

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Your Database is your most
valuable asset

Are you mining your database to its’ full potential? Are your retention and acquisition strategies integrated with your dealership network seamlessly? Bumper is a tool that provides seamless integration of your direct mail and digital strategies to create new opportunities for your brand and your dealers.

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