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You can’t compromise on your
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on your technology?

We’ve been in the dealership business, so we know what it’s like at every Monday morning sales meeting, then counting down to every weekend, and cranking it out every month end. As more consumers have less interactions with the dealership before making their decisions, your sales people will only be as successful as your digital solutions are in driving engagement, conversion and leads.

Which is why the sales-proven automotive solutions from Vicimus are the best thing you can do for your Dealership and your team this year.

  • Achieve the conversion results you’re capable of reaching and sell more.
  • Get more ROI from your marketing expenditure, without spending tens of thousands of dollars to get results.
  • Improve your Dealership processes to get more productive value from your staff, with easy to use products… that they will actually use.

In today’s automotive market, you're dealing with smart, savvy consumers who know what they're looking for. At least they’ll know when they find it… which can create a problem for marketers using outdated tactics that no longer connect with them. You’re also dealing internally with everybody from time-starved Internet Managers... to attention-strapped Sales Managers... to Dealer Principals who want change… and they want it now.

Selling cars is your job.
Figuring out tech and software
shouldn't be.

At Vicimus, we believe it’s easier to win against your competition by writing new rules to face this changing and challenging environment. Which is why we develop software tools engineered specifically for automotive, that anyone can use. Giving you the solutions that enable your team to sell cars, sell even more cars, and retain more customers…that’s our job.

Feel like your website is flat? It’s time you changed it.

Glovebox is a Content Management System (CMS) that powers a gorgeous, eye-catching website to grab your consumer’s attention, and convert them into quality leads. It’s the in-house web designer you wish you had, with simple, easy-to-use controls to keep your website at peak performance.

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Improve your retention strategy.
Make more money

Surprisingly, most dealerships consider their traditional direct-marketing campaigns a success if they see barely 1% of their recipients converting to active sales leads. Imagine if you could realize upwards of 5% conversions from the same list?

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