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To provide dealer groups with the right balance of strategic thinking and “get it done” management, we offer programs that line up with how your group operates. Our software products are specifically built to work for dealer groups, rather than groups struggling to make products function for their needs. That means having the ability to maintain oversight to ensure each dealership’s strategy aligns with your group strategy.

Performance Management

Included with product purchase

2 to 30 Stores

With decentralized or centralized management
  • Dedicated Performance Manager or team of Performance Managers for Group
  • Store by store reporting and analysis each month
  • Monthly strategy and campaign planning meeting with each store team
  • Monthly summary for dealer group head office team
  • Training for all users
With centralized management

In addition to the features and benefits with decentralized or centralized management, we also provide:

  • Monthly strategy and campaign planning meeting with central management team
  • Annual strategy meeting to outline overall plan and group-wide programs, as applicable

30 or More Stores

In addition to the features and benefits listed above, we also provide:

  • Account Manager

Enhanced Service Package

You can be as “hands-on” or “hands-off” as best suit your resources. For dealer groups who prefer to utilize our team more extensively, we offer additional services that include execution of updates, campaigns and creative design services.


Among Glovebox’s many benefits, like easy lead management, easy inventory management, easy Build & Price, and easy ways to quickly update your website without waiting, we give dealer groups access to the admin for oversight and to launch individual dealership promotions.

We also offer Special Dealer Group pricing packages!

Click here to learn more about how Glovebox CMS solves your website lead, inventory and customization problems

This powerfully effective, direct marketing platform is easy to use and quick to launch campaigns into market. Intuitive database filtering tools for smart targeting. Direct mail, email and personalized web pages for each customer. Customizable campaigns ready-to-launch with just a few clicks in Bumper. We’ve also built-in added benefits for dealer groups.

  • Individual store campaign planning with group overview
  • Group campaign planning, as applicable
  • Campaign oversight of each store
  • Clear line of sight on how each store utilizes Bumper

Click here to learn more about how Bumper solves your retention, lead qualification and campaign ROI problems

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