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Product Operations Specialist



  1. Sales Support
    1. As requested by Product Operations Supervisor, assist with product demo’s, provide expert input and explanation for product questions, participate in client meetings requiring more technical and elite user input
  2. Onboarding New Customers
    1. Upon receiving new client briefing document from Sales, proceed with onboarding processes and procedures, which includes direct contact with client for onboarding specifics.
    2. Maintain up-to-date, comprehensive communications with assigned Performance Manager, and Sales Rep, including copying Performance Manager and Sales Rep into all communications that may take place directly with customer. For communications conducted by phone or online meeting, coordinate in advance with Performance Managers who will determine whether or not they will join the meeting.
    3. Complete all technical and functional aspects of onboarding product, working in partnership with Sales Rep and Performance Manager to address customer needs and requests.
    4. Coordinate with internal and external creative departments and agencies to ensure that customers are in the best possible position to succeed with the product when launched. This includes ensuring internal creative approval from Design Team prior to launch.
    5. Test product in staging environment prior to release to Sales Rep and Performance Manager who will notify customer of readiness.
    6. Upon receiving notification of signed customer approval from Sales Rep or Performance Manager, launch product and run test to ensure it is performing up to standards in live environment. If revisions are required, complete revision work, test and inform Sales Rep and Performance Manager of readiness for customer approval.
  3. Onboarding Existing Customers to New Products
    1. Upon receiving notification of a new product onboarding, complete all tasks as per New Client Onboarding, recognizing that it is more likely that the Performance Manager, and not Sales, will take the lead with the client.
  4. Product Training
    1. Become an elite user of all products
    2. As requested by Performance Manager, train customers on use of products, based on an allotted number of hours each month Performance Manager may choose to utilize.
    3. Train Sales Reps and Performance Managers on use of products, including regular updates to features and functions
    4. Train all company staff, regardless of position, on product benefits and usage, at scheduled times of the year, to ensure all staff are very familiar with products
    5. Update training modules as new features and functions are added
    6. Add training elements and ideas to improve training modules
    7. Produce Individual client documentation for custom work/workarounds that are in place for any product.
  5. Supporting Existing Customers
    1. Manage incoming support tickets to ensure that internal and external inquiries are resolved promptly and accurately. These may include questions and requests from Sales Reps and Performance Managers, following the same workflow as all client requests and issues
    2. Complete, as applicable, Level 1 support tickets which do not require any programming
  6. 3rd Party Integration Support
    1. Work with third-party vendors, as directed by the development team, to coordinate and trouble shoot integrations such as inventory feeds and syndications, DMS integrations, CRM connections, or API’s
  7. Product Innovation and Enhancement
    1. Document client needs or requests from direct communications, Performance Managers and sales teams feedback that are not expressly covered by the product suite that is in market to determine product opportunities, deficiencies, and workarounds (temporary and permanent) involving the development team.
    2. Participate, as requested by Product Innovation and Development Teams, in product ideation and enhancement activities
    3. Coordinate and add input to Feature Requests, communicated to Product Innovation and Development Teams
    4. Test and troubleshoot existing and new software features
  8. QA
    1. Work in partnership with Product Innovation and Development Teams to establish and execute QA feature and function testing for all products at each applicable stage of product deployment, as directed by the assigned QA leadership
    2. Complete QA procedures, recommending improvements to process, as applicable


  • Understanding of digital marketing best practices, SEO/SEM, and digital advertising
  • Experience using Google Analytics to problem solve, and find opportunities for improvement
  • Familiarity with web technologies
  • Strong, professional communication skills – verbal/written
  • Experience managing websites and website content using a CMS
  • Ability to communicate to clients over the phone, and to explain technical details to internal employees and clients in an understandable and useful manner

Nice to Have

  • Prior experience in automotive, or in software support
  • Experience in end-user software training or client management in a software development setting

Required when hired

  • Completion of Internal Product Operations Specialist certification program for relevant products


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