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It’s a big industry, and we all benefit when
we work together to create better systems
for the automotive industry.

Co-opetition grows the pie for everyone. Much of the automotive industry operates on closed software that holds data hostage from customers with systems that don't integrate with one another. This doesn’t benefit the dealer, the OEM, or the consumer. So, let’s change to an open system that does benefit everyone.

At Vicimus, our philosophy is to open our platform to other vendors and allied industry to connect their products, their unique specialties and their subject matter expertise within our core systems. By working together, we become stronger and more effective for everyone.

If you have a software solution that you'd like to connect with ours, and you maintain an open architecture that enables and adds value to the three Tiers and the automotive experience for consumers, we'd love to talk with you.


There are many ways to work together.

Join our VAR program and grow your business by representing our products to your existing client base, and future prospects to increase your bottom line.

Get the training, tools and support to build a successful business, selling our award-winning products. We’d love to meet you.

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